Air America

Fucking finally. Maybe this will right the “fair and balanced”-ness of Fox News.

What is it?

It’s the only liberal radio station in the US- it just opened today. You can listen to it online, on satellite radio, or local radio (very limited =p).

Woohoo, now we liberals can also take part in partisan rhetoric, insulting callers who are not on our side, and a few misquoted facts to confirm what we already know. (That we’re right)

I have not heard one person insult anyone yet, actually- and there were some disagreeable callers. This is actually done well, ClothHat. I mean- one of the shows is with Al Franken… Al Franken man. He’s hilarious. =p

Ok, I hate to admit this, but I don’t know which is liberal and which is conservative, which is right-wing and which is left-wing…

Which of these line up with democrats and which of these line up with republicians?

…man I feel dumb…

Both Democrats and Republicans are pretty moderate, but Democrats would be the more “liberal” party.

O’Franken Factor… heh.