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not entirely true. Americans can buy canadian stuff without having to show they’re canadian. If the gov’t regulated the drug price like that, there wouldn’t be that kinda thing going on.

that’s most likely due to Canadia needing to keep up good relations with the US, or part of some trade agreement, or poor management on Canadia’s part, or a combination.

Americans aren’t supposed to buy drugs marketed in other countries unless that drug is not already marketed in the US for that purpose (or something like that, I don’t remember the exact wording). That’s why there’s such a controversy about Americans buying the same drugs cheaper from Canadian pharmacies. I may be uneducated here, but that on the surface sounds like Americans are scamming partially subsidized (for lack of a better word) drugs off Canadian taxpayers.

yeah, they shouldn’t do that, and if they were caught they’d likely face some sort of penalty. But it sounds like Canadia’s regulations are rather lax or under-funded or under-manned or some combo thereof

Or not any of that. European countries have cheaper prices. I used Canada and Mexico as extremes.

again, Europe too pays for more of their medical stuff with taxes, like Canadia.

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a big part of the reason why their economy has tanked.
There’s also the fact that many countries around the world are suffering a recession, most notably the United States, a key trading partner of “Canadia.”

And what has our economy ‘tanked’ is the tariffs of softwood lumber which is a big thing for Canada, free trade agreement my ass…

Vicki, funny you’d bring that up though, since I work for one of em.

I had no idea, Zero. That’s a funny coincidence!

I don’t remember everything I’ve read about the market for generic medicines in Europe, but it’s pretty interesting in how things are done and how products are marketed. Also, from what I recall anyway, European nations are more socialistic in their approaches to health care than the United States.

I look a lot at generic medicine news since my company does a lot of generic product development, especially for European companies - as in my earlier post, they can’t do their development work in Europe until the innovator goes off patent, but they can have it done here (in the US) and ready to go later.

the Canadian economy had been suffering before recessions hit other areas of the globe, I believe.