Aid wanted

Well, I need someone who is knowledgeable with a) programming or b) RM2K3

I made up a weird little Pencil/Paper RPG while bored for 2 weeks in history classs, & I have enough notes to create the experience chart, the staus chart, Skills list, Ultimate Attack list… & A battle system featuring 9 people at once in battle. I just want to know if anyone would help me with this nameless project, I’d be very happy to share the details with ya.

Also, I’m creating a RPGClassics Trading Card Game! I just need fanart of RPGC Staff for the card images, & I’ll do the stat/effect things on the cards. I’ve made a pretty concrete set of rules, which will be cut/pasted here when i get them from my Thread back in Rainbow Resort.

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<img src=“”> …oh, AID. Nevermind.

Only you, TD… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways…help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Originally posted by Tenchimaru_Draconis
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<img src=“”> …oh, AID. Nevermind. [/b]

TD I know you already know this but: You are a fricking’ genius!

infects Uriel

Oh great…my reformed ply for aid with a projecvt and NOW the flamers migrate.

Reform a ploy that allows you to spell correctly.

WIth your attitude, you expect us to help you?

You might as well close this thread, since its going to turn into a flamewar because nobody wants to help cute little Uriel.

I’ll do it,

for 300 grand, in small unmarked bills. Meet me in the parking garage on main at midnight, don’t bring anyone.

hands Bluemage a suitcase full of green paper

steals the suitcase

burns the suitcase

adopts TD