AHA! I finally figured it out!

Charlemagne is actually Andy Kaufman!

You see when he “got Cancer” and “died” he was actually playing an elaborite trick on us all- and so he moved to California and wanted to live a normal life. But eventually his thirst for tricks just would not end… oh no- and so he came to RPGClassics and WAZOOM! HAHAHA!

Charlemagne is Andy Kaufman.


That is exactly what Andy Kaufman would say.

For those of you who have no idea who I’m talking about:


You lazy bums. FIND IT YOURSELF!

I dunno this sounds fairly far fetched.

You’re close…he’s the reincarnation of Andy Kaufman. >_>

I hate andy kaufman, I didnt think he was funny.

Oh, Andy, you’re such a riot!

Hahaha ok I’ve been convinced. You’re Andy for positive! I’d know that display of distaste from anyone.

Charlemagne is Charlemagne, the first king of France. *Nod, nod.

The historical Charlemagne ruled the Holy Roman Empire… which is more important than him being King of the Franks. :open_mouth:

Screw that, I think a king named Frank would be kickass.

There prob was a King named Frank somewhere in the history books.