Age-old question...

How do you make it so an image’s background is transparent?

Assuming you are using Paint, follow these instructions, originally posted by Cid. First, make sure the image you are transparenting (is that a word?) is in GIF format.

1.) Choose a color that does NOT appear anywhere in your picture. For more choices, click the Colors -> Edit Colors menu option. For argument’s sake, let’s say the color is orange.

2.) Fill in all the whitespace in your picture with orange.

3.) Go to the Colors -> Edit Colors menu option.

4.)Choose “Define Custom Colors”. The large square to the right
should now be orange.

5.) Click “Add To Custom Colors”. The top left of the 18 white
squares on the left should now be orange.

6.) Go to the Image -> Attributes menu option.

7.) Click the checkbox for “Use Transparent Background Color” (if your image isn’t a GIF, you won’t be able to choose this).

8.) Click “Select color…”

9.) Click your orange box and click “OK”.

10.)Save. Whew!

Thanks. Maybe this should be stickied?