age of wonders

any body played? if so anybody found a place where i can play over internet?

that game was fabulous when it came out, and the sequel to a lesser degree. i havent played it recently though.

i like it alot, but only play it in spurts…but thats how i am with games like that. id still love to do a lan or internet gfame cuz i have like 4 friends who have it now that i showed it to them…but we cant seem to get the lan to work

I have shadow magic. It… underwhelmed me, for some reason.

A LAN game would require you all to be using the same connection. Say, your connection, that is split by your router. Everyone using a connection coming from <i>that</i> router could play, but anyone on the internet, or not on that router/connection cannot play.

I hope that is correct, or else i look stupid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And i believe NetPlay is availible over “Zone”, or whatever microsoft calls their multiplayer hub.

well all of my comps run into an ethernet box thingy is that the same?