AGAIN with the strange dreams!

Okay … I’ve had too odd dreams recently … in one, I was in the air force – I forget if IonMage (whom I know IRL) was there, but I know another RL friend was there, too. Anyway, we had to fight these invisible borg cubes, or something, but I was the only survivor … and while we were at the funeral, my mom’s dog started barking (in reality) and woke me up.

Was there another one withhhhh … me? B)

Uh, no … but last night, I had a dream I was travelling with the cast of Inu-Yasha. We passed by this cave guarded by Yura-of-the-hair impersonators, inhabited by a Wizard of Oz impersonator. (I’m referring to their appearance.) Anyway, I think we got attacked or something, so the wizard guy sent out one of the women to attack the attackers with “harpies” which looked like miniature eagle-pidgeon hybrids, sort of. Anyway, we went back to the cave, where the guy acted like a character from Wizard of Oz, and Kagome and I matched him Oz-injoke for Oz-injoke. And, uh, I found a Shikon shard – the source of the guy’s power – behind a curtain.

Thats weird, I usually have dreams about games.

I had a couple great ones recently.

In the first ones, I was on a windswept arctic tundra dodging dust devils (you know, mini-tornados, but different). Later on things went in really cool Phantasy Star 4 form, and had me fighting a team of 4 people, separated by a canal in the middle (indoors in some techno-place). Spells were throw, and many shiny things happened. In particular, my imagination had me rear back and throw, comet-like, a purple energy mass at the group that hit the ground and expanded in a line, defeating them (this is classic RPG form. All four people on the other team were standing in a horizontal line, of course). This was called “Legeon”, thus the PS4 mention.

Just a couple of nights ago, in a second dream, I was levitating and shooting double-shot explosive red energy bombs from my eyes at an opponent, assisting someone more powerful in the fight. It took place in an old Shop-right in my town that years ago became a Drug Fair. Fun.

…yeah, I like the flying dreams. And the super-power dreams. I absolutely love eyebeams. Make a pun and die.

I had a dream that Seung Mina from Soul Calibur 2 looked exactly like Macha from Chrono Cross execpt she had a spear

i dont want to picture that.


every now and then i have this dream where im dressed like dante from devils may cry and im with some rpg team consisting of a werewolf and a my sister finris as a songtress from x-2. shuddersso were all together going up to this castle that looks like it came out of castilvania and when we get inside we instantly go into this boss fight with a creepy floating guy who kinda looks like charlmagne. anyway i never get to finish the fight cause i my alarm goes off.
…oh one last thing during the intire fight finris is singing my favorite song, baby got back.


I had a dream where I was with Irvine, Selphie, and Quistis fighting a hydra in a cavern with a spiral staircase carved out of the rock. The hydra’s heads were coming out of a pit in the centre of the cavern. One of the heads was a serpent, one was made out of living wood and another was a dragon. I had a sword in my hand and I’d slash at them repeatedly. When I finally cut off the serpent head, it turned to stone, and collapsed. I staggered back, thinking I’d finally made a start in defeating it. Then two serpent heads grew out of the remains. Seeing this, I wondered how the hell things could get worse. As if in response large bat-like things crashed in through windows that either magically appeared or I didn’t notice before.

Lately I’ve started dreaming again, but I only have vague recollections of them. They do all involve my girlfriend though which is a bit weird. In a good way of course.

thats weird… i have weird dreams to

there thsi box and you can send it to the fix it shop and they fix it for you or osmething. then when it comes back its filled with gun powerder and fireworks. and its packed with weed (you know how you use those stiyrifoam things? they were using weed for that.)

I recently dreamt I set a curtain on fire and the whole school had to be evacuated. Everyone was pissed at me. ;.;

I recently dreamt that I had the ability to goto another world. Not at will, but I was the only person that could go there. There were people, regular human people, in the other world, and it looked like our world in a lot of aspects. But their architeture seemed alien. Yet it was very beautiful.

I went there to do something. I think I was a doctor and someone could summon me to wherever he or she’d be, so when I was needed I answered their call and went there.

I dreamt, not too long ago, that I was fighting in Iraq. There were also people from RPGC fighting too.

my dreams are becoming really confusing these days. I had that dream again where I was going a couple of rounds with Vincent Valentine in the ring, with Game Over’s “Little Mac’s COnfession” playing in the background. That’s the last time I fall asleep listening to music.

Dammit, I can never remember my dreams for these kinds of topics >:(

Well Ion, now you can do that, and more! …sort of. Maybe. Who knows, just read this news link.

Did you see them as their avatars?

I never remember my dreams anymore.
I wish I did remember them though, because I wake up with a massive boner every morning.

I dreamt that the blood of my enemies flowed freely like a river into black goblets which I drank naked with desecrated virgins whilst chanting sweet blasphemies at midnight!

My recent weird dream was one where I was traveling with some of the characters from digimon and they were trying to fight this one digimon that was eating the time stream. All the digimon couldn’t digivolve anymore except for digmon, so he was sent to do the fighting. I believe he won. Either way, that was a sign that I’ve been watching that show a little bit too often.

stares at kairi

have my babys!! :moogle:

You’re dumb >>;