After the Journey, A Shining Force 2 Fanfic.

After the Journey : Part 1

Who was my father? My mother has finaly told me, He was a man named Ian, a hero from the far a away land, I must find out about him, but how? My mother tells me that only 3 people knew of him. One of them, dead from old age, the other two, dead by my hands…

“Bowie, what is up with you today?” asked Bowie’s beautiful wife, the princess Elis.
“Nothing my love, just musing,” replied Bowie, breaking off his thoughts.

Later that day, in the Granseal school’s basement - " Now Children, today we are discussing the rise and fall of Zeon. His defeater, was, as you all know, our prince, Bow…" knock, knock, knock, " Come in," Shouted Chaz as he begun to teach again. The door opened and Bowie entered.

“Chaz, I need to speak to you, privately.” said Bowie in a commanding voice.
“Yes, Yes, Children, you are dismissed,” Said Chaz, " Now, your highness, what brings you here?"
“I wanted to ask you something, did your father mention anything of a hero named Ian?” asked Bowie
“He did, in fact, he wrote a book about it, just let me find it,” answered Chaz as he fluttered about the bookshelves.
“Ah, here it is ‘The History of the Force Sword - The Second Wielder, Ian.’ Let’s see…”
Said Chaz heaving a heavy, leather-bound book onto his desk.

End of Part 1

Hmm…this could be good…

pretty good… loads of possiblities… and plus, it’s Sega… :slight_smile: keep it up…

Next part will be up later and a cookie if you can guess who the 3 people in the first paragraph are.

A SF fic! Haven’t really read many of those for a while. Please continue, this looks interesting.

After the Journey : Part 2

“Well, it seemed that this ‘Ian’ was from a land across the sea - Runefaust.” announced Chaz.
“Does the book say anything…useful,” said Bowie.
“Ah! It seems that the force sword was really the chaos breaker! Only it was renamed by the king of Galam,” said Chaz after looking at the book again.

Suddenly, a black shadow with a billowing cape appeared at the door. " Come quickly your highness! There is something dark in the throne room!" shouted the shadow which was revealed to be a guard.

Bowie, Chaz and the guard quickly ran back to the castle where they saw a red robed man shouting at the princess.

" Fools! You must run for the great demon king, Lucifer is returning! He is now more powerful than Zeon or Dark Dragon! He will revive…" Then suddenly he turns around and sees Bowie.

“Ah! The defeater of Zeon is here at last! Prepare to be destroyed! Get him!” Then, from the shadows came a dozen red skined, man shaped creatures.

“Battle Formation!” Shouted Bowie as he drew the force sword and ran toward the thrones.
“Blaze 3!” enchanted Chaz while throwing fireballs at the creatures. Never relenting, the creatures slowly approached the small group of people. However as soon as each got into Bowie’s range, he struck them powerful blows.

“They do not falter!” shouted the baron Jaha as he struck another with his sword, “Our blows seem only to irritate them!”

“Fisar, Flamos, Alum!” chanted an young male voice, " Your blows will hurt them now!"

Quickly, Bowie, Chaz, Jaha and the 6 remaining guards disposed of the creatures but the red robed man had dissappeared.

“Who encanted that spell?” asked Bowie.
“I did,” replied a young white man in silvery robes.
“But who are you?” said Bowie.

End of Part 2

Good! This has much potential. And it’s SEGA.

Oh, the three people in the first paragraph who knew Ian were his uncle Max, his father Kane, and his unknown mother, I think. I’ve only played Shining Force myself, and I haven’t even beaten that, but I do know who Max and Kane are, and I know that Ian had to have a mother.

Aye Scias, your right.
And Ian was the main hero of a game called Shining Force : Final Conflict(A game gear game only relesed in Japan)

Seems good so far. Keep it up.

Give me cookie before Hurricane/Tropical Storm kills me!

The question for the cookie was who were the 3 people thought about in the first paragraph, i’ll tell you one of them now, it’s not hard to guess.

dead from old age

There was also one giant clue,

I wanted to ask you something, did your father mention anything of a hero named Ian?" ased Bowie

And Chaz’s father is… Hawel!

I already have. 6 posts up.

This looks like a good one… I look forward to reading more.

They were Hawel and the 2 people dead from Bowie’s hands, so, did Bowie kill Kane, Max or his unknown grandmother… No.

The other two will be revealed later anyway.

After the Journey : Part 3

“I…well I am… Lars Astral, son of Sir Astral and the goddess Mitula. Although I don’t look it, i’m actully 60 years old. I’ve been with my mother for that time but she sent me to aid you.” the man replied.

“Ok… So who was he?” questions Bowie.
“He, is a servant of the third demon lord, Lucifer. His name is Dark Sol, he is the son of Dark Sol, the servant of Dark Dragon and Misheala, another servant of Dark Dragon. He was but a baby when Ian and his friends defeated his parents at Granseal. He was then taken to a small kingdom called Thornwood by his foster father where he be came evil and was defeated by a hero. He then journeyed back to Grans and went into resting, waiting for his foster father and master. He now wants to kill you because you killed his foster father. His foster father was Oddeye.”

“Damn. Minister! Send mesages to Bedoe, Palacon and all our other allies, use only men that we can trust.” ordered Bowie.
“Aye, Sir!” said the minister as he ran off.

“Jaha!” continued Bowie, " Double the guard."
“No problemo!” replied Jaha as he ran off.

“What members of the force are still here!” shouted Bowie to Jaha.
“Only you, Chaz, Kazin, Sarah, Chester, and myself, your highness.” replied Jaha.
“Gather them in the main hall in ten miniutes!”

End of Part 3

Pretty good. I haven’t played Shining Force, but this is still a good fic.

I was gonna say that Astral died from old age, because

Hawel was KILLED by Galam Soldiers, he didn’t die from old age.

And killed at the hands of Bowie. There were a few that were killed at the hands of Bowie… Taros… Kraken… Oddeye… Zalberd(Camela was killed by Gesph who was killed by Zeon)

Oddeye I can betcha is one of them… the other I don’t know.

I’ll say the other one anyway he is… King Galam!
And i forgot about Hawel being killed by Galam guards.
goes off to replay Shining force 2

King Galam was never killed by Bowie, though before the fight with Zeon, Galam is defeated, but not killed.

Zeon possessed Galam’s body and if you remember correctly, Lemon was the one to put Galam/Zeon back into the other side. After you defeat Zeon, Elis is called to by Galam, who then appears as Zeon in Galam’s body.

Damn it! I’ve gotta go replay it!