After all that terrible luck...

…a car accident, my cell phone being ran over, et cetera (I forget half of the bad things that happened) I have a very cool (tan) used 2001 Chevy Malibu.

That ALMOST offsets the torture of going two weeks without a car.

So, where did you steal it?

Kia of Middletown, although it wasn’t stolen. Our insurance gave us money, since the van was totalled- so that’s what we bought it with.

sucks man…

it have power windows?

My car doesnt…

More importantly, can it do your taxes?

More importantly still, do you pay taxes?

sshhuuush, your gonna blow his cover!<<_>>

anyways,that sucks dude. Atleast you got a car :moogle:

do you have any pictures? I don’t know what a malibu whatchamacall it looks like.