How in the world do you break up with a boyfriend of over 2 years when he has connections that could ruin your life if they felt so inclined?

I’ve been wondering over this question for a while… I’m in a way affraid that he would use his connections to keep me in this relationship, either through ruining my life or hurting/threatening people I care about…

Any advice on how to break my connection to him?

I’m probably the last person you should ask for relationship advice, but I’ll give it my best shot.

I would be completely honest with him. Tell him how you feel. If he wants to act like a jerk after the breakup, let him.

Welcome to dumpsville. Population: You.

Naw, you should just talk to him, tell him how you feel, be honest. <strike>Or lie, yeah, lie. Tell him you’re a man.</strike>

Dude just do it. Honestly, if you’re asking us on how to break up with your boyfriend when we have no idea what these connections may be, then you’re in trouble. Just do it like a civil person would, break up with him, and wait for the retaliation. Don’t wait and hope in the relationship just because of that reason. If you’re honestly that scared I can’t see why you would stay in an unhealthy situation anyways. If consequences come, then figure out how you need to deal with them accordingly.

Think of it this way; if you STAY in the relationship, you’re going to be unhappy. Being happy and single is more than worth the price of whatever he can say to anyone, is it not? Just get rid of him and don’t let him bother you; he’s trying to intimidate you, but if you ignore him and not let him control you, he can say whatever he wants and it won’t be a big deal. After all, aren’t you leaving him because you don’t want him having an influence on what you do?

Yes, I could tell him that I’ve been living a lie and that I am actually an under-developed prepubescent boy. smiles That sounds great, I’ll have to use that line. laughs

I don’t think he will fall for it somehow…

Find more dirt on him then he has on you. Or create some… Mwahaha…

It’s not what he’ll say it’s what he’ll do. He hasn’t threatened me at all, I just know what he’s capable of… Anyway, I’m more worried about people I care about than myself.

Well, you are female, you could always play the sexual harassment card.

laughs That would work if he had dirt on me in the first place… He still has a stuffed animal from when he was about 3 or 4… it’s a pink bear with a red nose and it looks like it was mauled by a wild animal laughs, He’s a bad driver, and he messed up someones Mustang because he said I was an ugly b!tch when I was sick.

He ended up smashing the windows, jumping on the hood of the car, taking the wheels off, and doing something else that I can’t remember.

If all else fails, get a restraining order. He sounds pretty violent.

Yeah, do what Loki said. Jesus Christ…
I’ve gotten pretty evil over someone insulting my girl, but your man sounds a little, erm…caffinated, to say the least.
Just be honest, tell him your feelings, and hopefully he’ll just be like most guys when they get dumped…sad, depressed, but eventually over it.

Talk to him, or hit him on the head with an anvil.
Whichever one sounds the most convinient to you.

If he’s dangerous to you, you sholdn’t even have started dating him.

Now I’ve made him sound all evil…
I do seem to attract the wrong type of guys, don’t ask me how or why though cause I don’t know.

He doesn’t sound like the best person to be in a long term relationship with as it is.

Are you surprised with that attitude he’s not in prison?

I don’t think he sounds evil, but…well, for example:
My girl’s got a scar on her face from a car accident. Some dude had the bright idea to insult her about it in front of me, soI slapped him around and made him apologize to her.
BUT, I didn’t totally lose it and jump on his car, smash the windows, etc etc.
That’s a sign that there’s just no self-control there. Seriously, be careful.

Act like enough of a bitch to him that he’ll break up with you. He just won’t bother with you after.

Narc on his stash, or trade in his tv for a tea set

He isn’t dangerous… at least not towards me, and I didn’t know the stuff I do now when Istarted going out with him. He’s like a puppy when he’s around me. And believe it or not he has a lot of self control.

I know lots of girls go into a relationship thinking that they can change the guy that they are with… But, that wasn’t the case with me. We knew each other and he was great. We would hang out and have lots of fun, we play fight (he always lets me win) and he can just sit there watching me play video-games or read for hours.

He isn’t a threat to me, it’s more the fact that his real family could cause problems. They could probably keep me from doing a lot of things if they feel so inclined, and from what I know they are attached to me, emotionally. And they don’t admit things like that EVER. In other words, the question is will they let me leave if James wants me to stay? Also, if they think that I am helping James’ emotional standing will they let that support leave?

Anyway, I have about a month to figure out the best way to do this because I refuse to do it over the phone, in an e-mail, or in a letter. So, hopefully in that time I can find the best way.