Advent Tifa

My new 2 pages fan comic for Fhinal Fantasy 7.

Enjoy and… help me improve the dialogues if you can.

On the one hand, its cool that you’re making your own comic; on the other, its probably not a good idea to post what appears to be hentai on the forums.

Or is my mind just in the gutter and I’m misinterpreting what’s going on there?

I’m less struck by the innuendo than by the morbidity of this being dead hook-up number two for Barret.

I’m just confused as to why Barrett is suddenly 12 feet tall

Umm, yeah, if it is Hentai, I don’t think it is allowed here. On the other hand, if its a “let’s trick the audience into thinking something dirty that isn’t really happening” thing then it is hilarious.

And white, apparently; his skin isn’t shaded any darker than Aeris or Tifa.

Also, I think the fact that nobody can tell if it’s hentai probably means it is not hentai.

It can’t be hentai. Tifa’s breasts are far too small for the medium.


nice job

I have a feeling there is going to be a hilarious misunderstanding through omission of knowledge that both the characters possess, but the audience does not. I’m not a psychic, though. I’m just a writer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah?

Well in that case, I’m holding out for boobs. >: (

Text corrections

“What happened?” -> “What was that?”
“Oh My God!” -> “Oh my God!”
“And… Barret!” -> “with… Barret!”
“Oh Tifa! coming to see this one!” -> “Oh, Tifa! Why don’t you take a look…”
“Oh! It’s TWICE larger than Cloud’s!” -> “Oh! It’s TWICE as big as Cloud’s!”
“Amazing, Right?” -> “Amazing, isn’t it?”
“Can I try it?” (nothing’s wrong with the text, but it looks like Aeris is talking)

Well, it could be. “Aeris! And… Barret?” I think that’s might have been what he was trying for. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, because we’re talking speech patterns, but it DOES have to sound like something somebody would actually say.