Admin+Mod Abuse

If you believe that you are the victim of mod or admin abuse, please post here. Include the circumstances of the case, those members involved (mod/admin + regular users), the date of the incident, and whether it’s been an ongoing trend or a single act.

POSTING THREAD LINKS OR PM CONTENT IS VERY NECESSARY. Every instance will be investigated, but not much progress can be made without documentation.

If you are uncomfortable posting your concerns in a public sphere like this thread, please private message <a href=“”>Merlin</a>.

If your complaint is with Merlin, please private message <a href=“”>Zero</a> or just talk to me about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel discriminated against :stuck_out_tongue:

Merl posted that over 2 months ago, and you only thought of that sarcastic witty remark now?

Now now Xelo, being funny is hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”>

Merlin always beats me whenever I backtalk him. :frowning:


pulls up pants

So who’s up for some 500 rummy? right? Right!?

<img src=“”>

Big Brother is a pervert.

You should see what he does to Little Sister.

uh?! who does what now? :hyperven: ahah :hahaha;



I want to report Cless for infringing on my territory. I specifically cleave evil and now he’s coming onto my cleaving grounds. Tell him to go cleave something else. I dunno cake or Merl or something. >:(

zomg C1355 ur reprtdz

Sorry I can’t hear you over all this evil cleaving

Don’t you mean evil cleavage?

It is like you are in my perverted mind. Are you my omnipotent big brother?

Stop spamming this thread. It’s here to complain about admin and/or mod abuse, not cleavage. You have plenty of other forums for that. It’s completely off topic here.