Adcentures of Minigoddess... *review, thoughts*

While the regular series as anime has that certain teardrop charm in it…

This “mini” series has quite a lot of quality in it too. Makes you laugh. Makes you remember all those other fun cartoon shorties, doesn’t it? Di gi charat is… quite random when compared to this, since this one manages to make some sense even though the main characters play around the house miniaturized with its other small denizens. Maybe it’s what makes the charm work. Or it might just be the fact most of my artwork usually is executed with the general proportions used in the show.

While some episodes parodize (Godzilla…), some eps have a nice little original plot to follow with some sense in them… (I liked the rainy day Urd episode)

Of course, I still have two DVD’s to see, but this thing sure as heck is kawaii… and fun… in it’s own childish sorta way ^^