what is the lowest Ph level that won’t burn you? and what else is neutral besides water?

Splash some in your eyes and find out; we’ll all be better off for it!


Query: Why the hell are you asking us? (Seriously. You could like Google this.)


I was bored, i don’t really need to know.

Ultratech, we’ve warned people for Let Me Google That For You before. Don’t do it again. Besides, if you look at the actual results, most of them on the first page or so have nothing to do with acid burns.

Ah, I see…was kinda in a bad mood.
Didn’t know about the whole LMGTFY thing.

Heh…reminds me of a story I read yesterday in the newspaper. Some person (or group of people) has been dropping acid out of tall buildings. Over 100 people have burned in the last six months. Creepy stuff, they still don’t have any clue who is doing it.

Depends on the molar strength of the acid, and what you mean by burn.

you know, eat away. like alien blood.

I dunno, but the one I tried made things melt.

Water is the only “True” neutral fluid when it comes to acids/bases. Human blood is pretty close, it’s just a little acidic.

As for the burning, most acids/bases will burn you if left on over time. If you want to melt something non-metal, you’re going to need to use a strong acid of base at a super high concentration. You’ll probably want to super-saturate it, too. If you’re looking to melt a specific object, there’s probably a formula lying around for disolving that specific substance.

I really hate it when people use the word melt when talking about acids and bases. I really do.

Fun Fact: Pigeon crap is corrosive to stone over a long period of time.

But the walls didn’t even touch the stuff!

I think I see what you did there.

Hold on a minute.

What the hell? Thats impossible.
sorry double post, editing issues.

No, it’s not. Very generally speaking, something with a pH too far from the center point of the scale (7) can cause damage. People tend to forget about bases and how corrosive strong ones can be.

i realy tried to highlight the acid of base part but i guess it didn’t have the proper affect

Obviously he meant acid OR base. Notice the f is right below the r.