What is the AC-10 award (on games like goldeneye and timesplitters) mean? And speaking of which, what are your favorite awards to get on these games? My three are:

Most Professional
Most Dishonorable
Either Lemming or Longest spree

the AC -10 award happens when you dawn a super powerful magical full plate mail, and have so many protection rings and neckaces that your armor class goes to negetive 10. This way james bond can fight red dragons with ease, and take on thousands of orcs without batting an eyelash.

I don’t remember seeing this award in goldeneye, then again its been a while. Where was it awarded?

No way BM, I played Baldur’s Gate 2 wering Gorgon Plate, a +4 shield, a +2 helmet, that sewer cape and stuff and had dex 18 (total AC went to -19) and the dragons were still hitting my char more than 50% of the times.

My favorite awards were those on Worms 2: most violent, most damage in a turn, most boring etc.

I’ve seen that before. I thought it has to do with accuracy, and I’ve gotten it before. I really don’t have a clue as to what it really means. But I’ve taken pride in Most Dishonorable, killing my opponents Hitman #47 style, that and Most Dangerous.

The AC-10 award in Goldeneye means you were a total armor whore that round and basically picked up armor the whole time.

Well I’ll be damned. Thanks…

Yes, but your character wasn’t james bond! And in every james bond movie ever made, have you even seen him get hurt unless he wanted to get hurt? Now imagine him with a -10 armor class!

AC -10 doesn’t do jack shit when Drizzt runs up to you and slices you open like a fish. The amount of ass-kicking he adminstered to me was ridiculous.

AC -10 depends on what game you are playing: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Edition (or 3.5, I guess- but that’s just a scam *hides his 3.5 books). In 1st and 2nd ed, a low armor class is good. In 3rd edition, a low armor class is bad (and negative armor classes don’t exist, I don’t believe).

Heh. Goldeneye rocked. I hated the assholes who waited above the toilet in my favorite stage, though.

If ya wanna kill Drizzt cast “lower resistance” and you should be able to attack him with magic. I actualy killed him, but he took half my party with him.

We actualy still play goldeneye on my dorm floor. Well between halo matches

I never did that…I did, however, plant mines in the vent quite often. :mwahaha:

Aw man…those mines were the bane of my Goldeneye existence. You have to face your opponent face to face like a man. At the very least, kill them Hitman style.

My favorite awards…Most professional, Markmanship Award, and Most Deadly.

I sometimes like to just crouch down into a corner, and hold down my R button to make my screen go black (also I don’t like using radar, takes some fun out of it), and I let everyone try to find me, but if I think they are coming close, I sit up fast and start firing away.

Perfect Dark Owns

-19 AC technically isn’t possible in the actual game. It’d be a wee bit unbalanced, but in BG, it kinda works out due to the rather sick stuff you end up running into.

Most Cowardly (my opponents cower in one-way in rooms)

Screw that. I placed a sticky mine in the circle of King of the Hill or an important weapon. Everyone dies, Spaz wins. Mind you, I’ve only played Tomorrow Never Dies.