About my banishment, oh so long ago...

:bowser: It has come to my attention, that I am still not unbanned from #RPGclassics. #Studio64 has got boring, as it is not nearly as active as #RPGclassics. I’d like to know if/when I’ll be unbanned. I realize I was a pest and shit (not sure if swearing is allowed, oh well), and I don’t care if you unban me. But I seriously got nothing else to do. Y’see, playing online games, for example, isketch, get’s boring (Yes, I still play that, such addicting game). Maybe you all have forgotten about me? :stuck_out_tongue:

We haven’t, and ClothHat rocks.

I tried to get it down to 32 years, but no one agreed with that.

Hang out in peripheral RPGC chats, like #TD_is_a_whore, for a year and show everyone how much you’ve improved. Then we’ll talk.