about ffx-2

i heard nobuo uematsu is not involved with that game… does anybody know if it’s true??? i hope not.

I don’t think they have an official word on that out yet.

what do you mean? don’t have an official word on that? the game is already out in japan, is it not?

Yea, it is out, and as far as I know, he is involved.

I meant saying that Nobuo was not cut out, since he’s been doing so many STs for Square lately, and they would have had a word about it.

oh god, NOOO!!!

If you don’t mind, I’d like so see some actual facts before I jump to any conclusion…

Oi… I need to get some sleep, I skipped an entire word. Sorry -_-

I think I read at RPGFan’s previews that Uematsu wouldn’t make the music, but I’m not sure if it was certain at that point.

That’s right, Uematsu is not involved in FFX-2’s score.

Bad thing ? Nope, it allows less experienced and less known composers to be known.

In FFX-2, we have Noriko Matsueda (Bahamut Lagoon, Front Mission 1 & 2, Racing Lagoon, The Bouncer) and Takahito Eguchi (Racing Lagoon, The Bouncer). The style of the soundtrack is mostly jazz, rock and techno. Unless you don’t like either styles, I see NO reason whatsoever to not make an effort and listen with an open ear.

All in all, I think it’s a great effort by these two, and I hope to hear even more of their works in the future.

Edit : It makes sense that Uematsu & Hamauzu couldn’t contribute to FFX-2 as they were both busy with Hanjuku Hero Tai 3D and Unlimited : SaGa respectively during FFX-2’s development… As for Nakano (3rd FFX composer), rumor has it that he’s composing for FF Crystal Chronicles on his own, which I sincerely do hope that it’s true as he’ll gain even more composing experience…

There’s also a rumor running around that Uematsu might be composing FFXII’s score on his own, but that remains to be confirmed, whether he does it solo, or with others or other composers than Uematsu work on it (Sakimoto !!!), it will be one of the best FF scores in a while, mark my words, folks !

you are right… gotta give the other composers a chance… but it’s just that… as a musician, i like uematsu a lot.

thanks for info.

Yeah, with Development Division 4 working on FFXII, I think it’s likely that Sakimoto will lend his composing talents.

Of course there’s also that rumor of Mitsuda composing. Which would be cool IMHO.

I will miss Umetsu’s (sp?) music but I’m all about hearing someone else’s musical talent. The composer for SO2 and VP was awesome and gotta give props to the DW’s composer.

i think they should have kept him

Well it would be nice to have Nobuo for every FF, but then again FFT didn’t have him and the music turned out well in that. Perhaps FFX-2 will be the same way to me in terms of music.

Plus I’ve heard music from enough RPG composers that not hearing Nobuo for awhile is a given that I’m used to.