About DQ8

I just signed up for my free demonstration disc, and slime figurine(s), and the page said it sent a confirmation e-mail. It’s been 3 days, and still no confirmation e-mail. Did I do something wrong as I signed up; or is this normal?

You did something wrong. You either typo’d your e-mail or something. But as I recall, the demo wasn’t open to Canadians.

Yeah, you typoed your email. I just signed up and I got the confirmation right away.

The site says it’s only avaliable to U.S. and Canadian citizens.

Then how come when I try to redo the sign-up, and put in the same e-mail, it says that e-mail is already used?

Maybe your spam filter filtered it out. Anyway, the email isn’t that important to the whole process. It just tells you that you’re confirmed. You’re already in the system so I guess you can just sit back and wait.

I am expecting DQ8 to be two times as good as 4.

Dragon Quest 7 was toofuckinglong