Abby Lane: Should I tap that

It’s a valid question. Vote.

…Google image Abby Lane and look at the second row.

The chick in the jeans jacket isn’t really good. I’d rather tap some beer.

Mirikatani could use any action though (and end up in jail).

I’d sooner go for someone within my generation, but ehh, whatever blows your hair beck.

This is a non-biased poll. Answers directed at any Abby Lane are equally valid.

What ever floats your boat? NO is that better G

I hate that. I hate it when people say that. What floats your boat? WATER! What did you think floated it, Jell-O? Sulphuric acid? Cat urine?

In this case, my guess would be spermicide.
If he’s going for the third answer, dry gin.

Hey if it’s the Abby Lane mentioned in the second post, you don’t need any spermicide. That’s a dry lake.

Calm down G!!!

Yeah. Then it would be lubricant. Good catch, Gila.

Dry gin is always the answer.

Originally Posted by Rigmarole
Dry gin is always the answer.

Alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

I would tap Abby Road then Penny Lane.