Aaaaah! The plague is here...HELP US ALL!!!! *starring no one important*

Hello Peoples, pretty, ugly and pretty ugly

Oh god…it’s Me_Ladie from Fiction Alley

Someone me and someone else know…(coughLadyAngelcough) from the site above. Don’t make me goddamn write it again!


Oh…get lost, already!? What do you want!? Come to plague us with the…


No…I was thinking more along the lines of the Harry Potter and H/D reign, you…heathen! Oh wait…your Fanfictions are the plague of Harry Potter and H/D…

shopping channel Voice Welcome to the greatest craze in the world (yes, it out ranks FF and KH) end shopping channel Voice And the greatest fan fiction writing in the universe Cue Heavenly Music

Oy!! This place is the very essence of FF, KH, and all other RPGs. Not your HP nonsense and your stupid H/D!! Also…I think you fail to understand…WE ARE THE GREATEST FANFICTION WRITERS IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

Stop copying us and can we just provide the links cue Empire Strikes Back Music so People will convert…

Oh, fine whatever…and just keep your jealousy of us all to yourself…remember, you’re a guest here!!


Love Under Will - Aja

The Phoenicans - Me_Ladie

Do It For Daddy - Me_Ladie

Have you finished spreading your disease now!!??

Yes, They are good. And there is over 4000 fics on the site and it has the same layout as this site.

There is no denying that the ficcies are good, and it has the same layout, but…you leaving is better! Bye, Me_Ladie!!

My evil reign isn’t over yet, I like FF and KH so I’m going to join so cheers and give Harry Potter a go. Bye Now.

You don’t have to just like FF and KH to join, heck, you don’t really need anything…just a loss of sanity. We will give Harry Potter a go…or at least I will…see ya, Me_Ladie…for now. suspensful music plays

Sanity… What sanity??? Whats this about sanity, I have never heard of the word. Hey where are you going… COME BACK…

I think this should go in the Media Forum… And further more: Buh? WTF? You scare me…

I think this should go in the ToB.

But since the ToB was deleted, so should this.

Who asked you!? We rule H/D rocks!! It dominates over all! AHHHH!! I’ve been infected!!!

She has a point (appears from out of no where must be magic) not about being infected, but H/D R-O-C-K-S

Here-Here! Raises glass in cheers

H/D? Oh my god. If that stands for what I think it does then you need to be crucified.

I also second the “WTF”.

:mwahaha: FREE POST!

Please dear god, please don’t let it be Harry/Daco Yaoi or Fanfics. Please. If it is then you DO need to be crucified.

Guess. What do YOU think it stands for? Aw…c’mon, Sephiroth…get with it! It’s soooooo obvious…

Get with it, darling! :kissy:

:runaway: insert Bat Man Theme nanananannanananana Frog Man!!! :runaway:

There goes Me_Ladie with her Batman music craze…

You…sick…depraved…fangirl. That’s not right. NOT RIGHT DAMNIT!

Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimerer, somthing somthing (Suddup, I Don’t know the Munchkin song… Just the tune) La la la la la la lalala

Okay, Me_Ladie…whatever you say. Anyway…yes we are sick, deprived fangirls who actually have taste!

Yes, Taste. For instance, I like Chinese Food. Yum…

Oh man…here we go again…

Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimerer, somthing somthing (Suddup, I Don’t know the Munchkin song… Just the tune) La la la la la la lalala…

If you’re in trouble, he will save the day
He’s brave and he’s fearless, come what may
Without him, the mission would go astray.
He’s Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer
Without him, life would be much grimmer
He’s handsome, trim, and no one’s slimmer
He will never need a Zimmer

He’s Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer
More reliable than a garden Strimmer
He’s never been mistaken for Yul Brynner
He’s not bald and his head doesn’t glimmer

Master of the wit and the repartee
His command of space directives is uncanny
How come he’s such a genius? Don’t ask me

Ask Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer
He’s also a fantastic swimmer
And if you play your cards right, then he just might come round for dinner

But seriously, H/D is evil, especially you are fantasising about the actors at the time. Ugh.

THANK YOU!!! I LOVE RED DWARF, except the ending is bad… sniff Rimmer dies. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA But on A Brighter Note, The Machine Rules.

Second that statement! Oh yeah…while I fantacise about neither…Me_Ladie is spreading the plague around. I am it’s victim…and damn pround!

Read Love Under Will, It’s one of the best Fanfictions.


Swimmer??? Rimer wasn’t able to swim… was he?

Uh…I think that’s the point somehow…

You need help o_O Professional help.

Sorry. Tried that already. Didn’t help at all! :mwahaha:

I don’t get you FF and KH people. You critisise H/D but worship Sora/Riku. Is it just me or is that a teensy Weensy bit HYPOCRITICAL (sorry if it’s spelt wrong) :runaway:

Personally, I prefer S/K, R/OC…

Me_lady, register your own screen name.

and no more italic font, my eyes cant read that crap.

I don’t worship either. I think Riku is the best KH character but I don’t worship him.

It’s our way of identifying each other. I am the usual font and Me_Ladie is italic.

No, I am Italic and Kitty Cat Gal is normal. Manamana

What!? How dare you, Sephiroth Hayes! HOW DARE YOU!!!

How dare he what… Am I missing the point here?

So, you are either 1. Two different people, 2. One person with split personalities or 3. Off your head insane.

Well…we are number 1. And I don’t know about Me_Ladie, but I could be classified as Number 3…hey!! Did you hear that!?

Wowowowowoh Makes Me Want To Dance, It’s a new romance… Huh? I wasn’t listening. Were you fantasising about cheese again? I wonder if Orgy has released anything else yet. Oh good song. And I Saw Her Face now I’m a believer…

Help me, please!!!

So you are two different people one of which is insane, and one of which is a permenantly high sugar addict?