's Starcraft!

We play. Now. Come.

9:30 PM Saturday March 5, 2005.

We go now!

US East, RPGC? You could at least bother showing up :stuck_out_tongue:


Ramza can’t play.

Me, Gamer and Snackbar are on our way!


Hey, howzabout next time you guys give others some warning? I would have loved to show up, been a helluva long time since I played SC with you guys. When’s the next time this is gonna happen? I’m up for it any time other than 11 AM CST to 7 PM CST any day of the week.

Sin and I bowed out, but the rest of them are still playing. It’s pretty spontaneous. I just posted this and Sin was the only one who showed up. The rest I got from the chat.

I lost my CDs.

I dunnae have time to play SC online. though in the event I ever have a day off, I’ll show you the worst SC player in the history of mankind. Maybe my last statement was a slight exaggeration, but when I work 50 hours a week, I can’t get too much gaming done. and it’s been about a month since I played SC.

I was able to catch some people. Thanks entirely to Sin, I don’t suck entirely at the game, so I did some good on one matchup where I played as Zerg, but I’m more than a bit rusty, I discover.

That was a rather refreshing set of games we played. I definitely learned a lesson in defense on the last one.


I will rush you with lurkers and make you quit!

I haven’t quit 5 years ago when Sin was schooling me, I don’t see why I’d quit now. :smiley:

He’s talking about me.

I’ve tried to explain it to you for years now; I enjoy playing the game, not winning or losing. Rushing me with lurkers deprives me of my enjoyment because you kill me and I have no opportunity to play anymore. Hence, my anger.

I would’ve played, but I beleive at around 9:30 March 5th I was listening to Bert McCrackent tell the entire audience of the Taste of Chaos tour that he was going to fuck them and then fuck his guitarist, Quinn, because he’s one of those people who has no problem fucking anyone.

Anyway, maybe a few people can get together and play another time, with more notice >_>;

I make sorc cry like baby! Lurker blow up building!


I left after playing for about 3.5 hours. Had “business” to take care of ;;>_>

And lanyx, shut the fuck up.

I’d love to play against you guys sometime, but I’ll have to have my brother teach me the rules a bit better. As it stands, I’m not very good at the game at all. 8P