A very VERY twisted game...


But strangely fun. Basically you have to defend your castle. How: By taking the attacking stick figures and throwing them up in the air. Over time you also earn points of which you can buy stuff to upgrade your castle, and pay for Archers, Wizards and so on.

It’s strange but fun. You can also make little suicide bombers shakes heaDIt’s just… heh.

This has been posted before.

Bye, have a nice day, and remember to put up your anti-flamers shield.

This is quite old by now

Awww didn’t realize that. Ah well. C’est la vie.

Well I hadnt seen it, how do you use the converts?

A very excite game.

That game ruins your hand and is boring, at the same time: A truely great game!

Shush nul
It is a fun game, but I’ll admit it gets a little boring later on.