A very strange anagram task

So, I’m a little short on time, so I’ll explain more on why I want help later…but, I’m looking for a wizard name. You know how in the Harry Potter books, the main antagonist got his evil wizard name by using an anagram of his first, middle, and last name?

Well, I want the same thing. So, here’s the letters that make up my name:


For bonus points, since the main antagonist of Harry Potter started his anagram with “I am”, you can do the same thing for mine. That leaves you with:


I’ll explain the meaning of this later, but I gotta dash! Thanks!

Aesebim Joole

i am bee so jolee

too many eeee’s in the letters that make up your name, chief.



i am bee joos

jim saee boo

i am obese OJ

so bie me a OJ

ie oboe jams

a jibe moose

I nominate this name for 1st place. Any seconds?

o jee i sambo

Majis Leo Ebeo

You should use Skankin’ Garbage instead.

Way too many vowels in there.

984 be a hatin



Smile o’ Joe Abe!

Jamie L Obeso is the best I can come up with. What’s your real name anyway?

That’s pretty much my name, but that’s been known for quite a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am Jobe Ese Leo.
I am Joel E. Bees
I am Ejeosebe