A Tale of Two Richards...


After what seemed almost improbable and Namco possibly trolling people to death, they pull this.

I’m rather stunned.


barely contains excitement

And no, that is NOT sarcasm.

On the one hand: Wheeee, Bamco finally threw us a bone.

On the other: This one’s by Team Destiny, so: Ehhhhhhhhh… dunno until I see it.

Unless Team Destiny did Legendia, I don’t see what the big deal is.

It’s hilarious how once the news hit, everyone passed over it and immediately clamoured for the PS3 vesperia port.

Yeah, for whatever reason or another, we’ve never gotten a Team Destiny game. Such a shame, since they usually have good mechanics.

As for why people are excited for Graces:

Best 3d battle system in a Tales game. Takes the CC system from ToD:R and puts it in 3D basically.
Really great character growth gameplay system (through titles).
Decent plot that carries the game along. Good cast, lots of skits.
Short & non-epic, but not much dull filler/padding either. ~30-40 hours for one playthrough.
Good art design, SD graphics.
Music is Tales.

Overall one of the top Tales games. Mainly because the battle system and character growth systems are top-notch.

Wonder how they’ll handle the cameo appearances though, since they’re all from Team Destiny games and never saw the light of day here.

As for the Vesperia madness, they’re pissed because they’ve been teased with info for it, and got nothing out of it.

That’s been the way it is throughout the entire franchise

Here I was hoping there would be a game actually called A Tale of Two Richards. I am quite disappointed. :frowning:

We got Tales of Destiny. The thing is, most critically acclaimed Tales titles are from Team Symphonia (Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia).

Not particularly looking forward to more Motoi “I only made five songs and remixed the shit out of them my whole career” Sakuraba, but hell, I hope this is good nevertheless. If it sells, maybe they’ll localize the PS3 Vesperia.

Bah I still dont get the sakuraba hate

Team Destiny doesn’t come into effect until after Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2), primarily since it’s composed of the people involved in its production. Tales of Destiny (PS1) doesn’t count as a Team Destiny game, thus the US has never seen a Team Destiny game. Interestingly enough, Graces is the first 3D game that they’ve ever done.