A story... of sorts.

This isn’t so much a story as it is a character bio I have, but it is updated each week as she goes through new experiences and battles. This is all from her point of view. This’ll be updated on a regular basis on either Sunday night or sometime Monday, as the campaign sessions end Sunday nights, and it depends on how tired I am, along with if we roleplay after the GM leaves.

Also, please note this may not be for everyone. It’d probably be rated PG-13, as it does continue sexual innuendo, interracial relations, and underage, consenting characters. Nothing is explicitly stated, however.

A quick briefing on who’s who:

Ryla: The main character of the story, it’s told from what she sees and how she understands it. She’s a Creimire, which is akin to standing rats, but she doesn’t have whiskers, and her ears are more reminiscent of a rabbit’s. She grew up with Reisma, forming a deep bond with her. Her lifelong dream was to become a true chemist and live her life with Reisma.

Reisma: A human bard - and prostitute - from the start and even now that she has a man, Reisma is Ryla’s first true love and best friend, but it seems their friendship is in dire jepoardy.

Saylin: The first wedge between Ryla and Reisma, as Reisma turns to him and pretty much denies Ryla any more sex while she’s with him. Saylin is the atypical big warrior, in this case an Elvaan Swordmaster. He causes Reisma to feel extremely guilty, which results in a lot of angst.

Rooko: A human black mage, Rooko is more or less everybody’s friend. Reisma’s particularly fond of him as well, as he helped rescue her from ritual sacrifice.

Anton: A Tonberry paladin obsessed with knives. That’s about it. Freaky guy.

Gale: A perverted human white mage with her eyes set on Ryla, Gale is rather slow to pick up on the fact that Ryla wants nothing to do with him. Eventually, after much threatening and rifle waving on Ryla’s part, he realizes his errors and attempts to make it up to Ryla, but he ends up more of a general amusement.

Karina: A stuck up female human (actually not sure on that) dragoon who saves the party from being stuck in jail. She’s extremely disliked by Ryla and Reisma both. Rooko and Saeki both take to her, though.

Saeki: Ryla’s current love, now that Reisma is thoroughly miserable and angsty. He is a human male white caller (combo white mage/summoner) who has made a pact with Ramuh and Sylph.

And with the introductions out of the way, here we go…

Ryla stands at a very petite 4’6" and well under 100 pounds. She has short black fur that compliments her coal-black eyes. She’s very small, even for a Creimire. She wears a midnight-black robe that’s several sizes too big and patched, not always with the same colors, but with many pockets so she can hold various items so she can have them at a moment’s notice if she needs to mix a potion. Her cloak can double as a means of hiding, as she’s so small she can lie under the cloak and make it look like a pile of rags.

Ryla grew up in Raivan, living most of her life in a level comfortably above poverty. She was never pampered per se, but she did receive lavish gifts for her accomplishments, mostly educational, as her parents wished for her to become a world-reknowned scientist. Unfortunately for them, one of the kits she got was a chemistry set, and she promptly blew up their house. Her parents, ashamed and shocked at this, disowned her and she wandered the slums of the city she once lived so comfortably in, now fighting for survival. While you’d think she’d be very angry and pessimistic, she’s actually pretty well-off, mostly due to her best friend, Reisma. The two met shortly after she was given the boot, and they’ve been pretty inseparable since then - that is, if they weren’t “working” by themselves. With that income and money generated from using chemistry to make alchemy possible, Ryla is living a pretty good life for a bum. Even though she could move into upper society, she’d much rather stay in the slums with Reisma, whom she’d never part with, no matter the reason. In fact, she’s become so obsessed with Reisma in her love, she’s become addicted, and will even stop in the middle of a fight to start some foreplay with her.

Soon after the expulsion from upper-class society and before she met Reisma, Ryla had found another friend: alcohol. While very small amounts she could handle, anything more than a few drinks - especially strong drinks - would immediately cause her to become drunk, and she’d pass out. She would wake up shortly thereafter, with the effects of alcohol mostly worn off. After several of these binges, however, she started losing recollection of when she was drunk and a variable amount of time beforehand. She wasn’t so addicted to the stuff that she needed it, but she took it if she could, although she stopped shortly before she met Reisma.

With Saylin in the picture now, however, drinking has come back in her life. While staying at his place for the night with Reisma and Rooko, she drank half a bottle of wine herself and promptly crashed a very romantic dinner. What with Saylin taking her lover away and Gale making moves on her and Reisma, Ryla is very distraught and the drink is calling to her very strongly, and more often she will answer the call under the stress. She’s pretty content while drunk, but when she sobers up after passing out, she’s offer bitter and confused at her life and the current circumstances, and she’s often angry with herself for falling back to drink, especially since Reisma’s now in her life, but less so now that she’s with Saylin.

After being kidnapped by the faceless mage and awakening in the cell, she’s been a lot more aggressive and irritable. She’s still not over Reisma’s turn towards Saylin, and being captured hasn’t improved her mood any. After the appearance of Karina saving them from languishing longer than necessary and finding the sexy Caller that is Saeki, her mood’s improved slightly. Helping slightly - and a new source of amusement - is the fact that Gale is trying to make it up to her for his previous actions. During the battle with the guards during the escape, she saw a potential love in Saeki, and she immediately warmed up to him. After the battle, the group slipped into the showers for a resting place. There, she initially clung to Saeki, but after seeing Reisma slink off and sensing her distress, she sent Karina, and upon hearing her friend’s troubled voice, went for herself and sent Karina back, eventually alone with Reisma. After some talking, they eventually got into some action, but were interrupted by Karina. They came out and tried to bring Rooko into the activities of the night, but he’d have none of it, mostly out of respect for Saylin.

At this point, Saeki woke up, and Ryla immediately moved to the man she had clung to earlier in the night. Saeki was quickly persuaded to “take a bath” with the young Chemist, a very wise decision on his part, as Ryla needed something to make her happy. After hunting down a working bath, Saeki stripped - Ryla was still naked from her earlier interlude with Reisma - and they stepped into the warm water. Saeki, in his sheltered naïvete, really thought it was a bath, and he started to wash Ryla’s back when she had promptly sat down on his lap. She quickly set him in straight in this manner, although she soon found another barrier: Saeki was a virgin. She immediately started to train him in the ways of sex, and he was indeed a very responsive student. After he reciprocated the pleasure she had given him first, she took his virginity, rocking back and forth slowly in respect for his newfound sexuality, but eventually become a sexual devil.

After they had finished and washed each other - no sex this time - they headed back to the common room, intent on getting some shuteye together. However, the plan was very quickly put out of Ryla’s head as she saw that everyone but the unconscious Gale had gone. Terrified of what might have happened, Ryla cried out for Reisma, but didn’t dare leave and venture into the unknown labyrinth. However, Rooko and Karina soon came back with Reisma in tow, thoroughly dejected and put out. Ryla took Rooko aside to learn what had happened, and Ryla became very angry indeed. It seemed that while she had been with Saeki, Reisma had become distraught over Saylin’s fate and had tried several times to escape, finally escaping despite several previously successful attempts to stop her. She had killed two guards before coming to one she couldn’t handle, and the guard quickly took advantage of her, raping the helpless girl. Rooko and Karina put the man out of his misery, but Reisma was now in a very bad state of mind.

Ryla, understandably very upset at what she had heard, slapped Rooko, angry at him for letting this happen. They got into a very loud shouting match about morals and what was the right thing to do, eventually getting to Ryla’s means of survival before the young Chemist realized that her anger wasn’t at Rooko; it was general frustration at the entire confluence of recent events, and she was very confused, as this was far different from the slums of her prostitution days, which were very much simpler. She calmed down and apologized to Rooko before going over to Reisma and talking briefly with her. When Ryla realized her best friend wasn’t going to reply any time soon, she became very emotional, hugging her friend for what she feared would be the last time before she tearfully said she couldn’t be with Reisma if she weren’t going to return the feelings Ryla still held for her as a friend. She went back to Saeki, who had fallen asleep, and cried herself to sleep with her head in his lap, very distraught over the apparent end of her deepest relationship.

That’s it for now. Also, a note on Creimire society: They are extremely tight-knit and are a very sociable race to one another. They often have a very large extended family, with many people close to the mas they grow up. As such, after Ryla was thrown out of that society, she’s ever since felt the desire - the need - to be with someone, anyone.

I can smell the level of interest. Smells a lot like nothing. But I shall go on, undeterred!

After being woken up - quite rudely at that - by Rooko, who was shouting some nonsense about Purifiers and such, Ryla was dragged along as she didn’t want to leave Saeki under any circumstances, certainly not dangerous ones. She couldn’t put in much resistance, but she was a pain to drag as she didn’t help any, and when they encountered Saylin fighting an Ironbody and a couple of Hallscanners, she was listless at first, just sitting on the ground. However, her mood was brightened when Saeki came along behind the group, and she scampered over to his side. During the course of the battle, she only left him to shoot the offenders, but she was more likely to be perched on his shoulders, scratching his head and grinning.

After Saylin and Reisma finished their reunion, the party kept moving, eventually coming upon a room that led to several more. In one, several bottles of what looked to be alcohol were found, and Ryla was too tempted to have a drink, and off she flew, snatching a bottle. She quickly found it wasn’t alcohol at all, and she was very disappointed. However, in the next room they investigated, beer was found, and Ryla quickly drank herself to sleep. Waking up shortly thereafter to Reisma comforting her, Ryla soon realized she remembered nothing after first falling asleep at Saylin’s. Reisma filled her in on Saeki, and Ryla was promptly distraught at the fact she didn’t even know who he was, yet she had slept with him only last night. Her lover soon made it up to her, reintroducing the two, promising them to talk with each other. She was sullen for most of the trip, rarely speaking expect a few short words to Serigo, who had decided to make use of the Purifier ship the group was on to annihilate a base of theirs. Afterwards, he transported them back to the Mages’ Academy, when Saeki promptly disappeared.

Once again very emotional that her apparent love had gone without her, Ryla broke down until she realized Rooko had a slip of paper with Saeki’s whereabouts. She took it and made haste, arriving at Saeki’s mansion. After a short encounter with a guard, Ryla found Saeki and was brought inside to a comfortable room with a roaring fire. Declining drink and food, she and Saeki spent awhile talking, Ryla reacquainting herself with Saeki as he explained who he was and what was between them. Eventually, Ryla’s need for companionship and her love for Saeki - which was still strong, despite her not remembering him last night - drove her to a physical need, and she proposed they spend some private time together, as the living room was open, proved by the fact Saeki’s sister walked in on them together. She left it up to him, not wanting to force something he wouldn’t want, but at the same time desperately hoping he’d agree because, to her, he was now an essential part of her life, rivalling Reisma in how high he was to her. He agreed, and Ryla could barely contain her excitement as they went to his room to have their fun.