A Simple Question

It really is a simple question.

Yes, but I would eat it even faster if it were a BEEEEEEEEEEAN CUP


hickory what? smoked what?

Is the sauce mustard based? Because I hate mustard.

No since I do not have a spaceship!

Throw in some baked potatoes and soda, and you’ve got yourself a deal!

I would also eat ribs if they were made of the moon.

No. Eating the moon would upset the balance of nature here on earth and threaten my supply of gopherburgers.

Hell, man,m eating the moon is a goal of mine as is. The Moon-Ribs, or ‘Moobs’ are only more enticing.

I prefer the green cheese concept, but ribs will do as well.

You made me hungry.


I’m thinking they’re sun-bleached ribs with no meat on them whatsoever because it’s long rotted off. Therefore I say no.

I am not a big fan of ribs, so I might have a bite or two, then decide it is not worth finishing off the entire Moon. I might snack occasioanly though.

No. Eww, ribs.

Ribs have meat on them?

It would seem so.

Wait, you mean it’s not already made of ribs?

I am rib intolerant.