A simple math question

Well I have incredible difficulty with math, and um well, I wasn’t taught properly, on how to convert numbers into percentages and whatnot…like it goes way over my head, and I have no hope in solving this on my own. It’s probably a quick and easy question, and I’m hoping someone will help ASAP.

Anyways, I have to do a budgeting assignment for a class, and every one of us were given “jobs” and yearly incomes that we have to work with when we plan our project. I was given the job as a nurse, with a yearly income of $38, 000.00
I got what my monthly income is, now I have to figure it out with 30% reductions. Can anyone tell me what 30% of $38, 000.00 is…? I honestly have no clue how to figure it out.

30% of 38,000 = 38,000 X .30

A percentage (30%) is 30/100, or .30

Just take your percentage, and move the decimal place two places to the left, and multiply by that number.

30% of x = 0.3x
4% of x = 0.04x
150% of x = 1.5x

Although, you may want to watch the wording of the question.

A 30% <i>reduction</i> in income is really taking your current income and multiplying that by 70% (0.7). A <i>percentage</i> of an income is taking the current income and multiplying that by 30% (0.3)

oh shit, it wasn’t annual, it was monthly. Sorry. The monthly income is $3166.00 (I hope) so I need to take 30% of that

Ok, so lemme see if I do this right…30% off of that is $949.80?

Monthly should actually be $3166.67, and 30% of that should be $950.

Well, haha, I was close enough. I’ll change that. Many thank yous.

Multiplication is commutative, so it doesn’t matter if you take 30% off and then divide by 12 or divide by 12 and then take 30% off.