A short story of optimism

So I walked out of the apartment yesterday morning to walk it to my Geo exam, when I see the maitenence man come up the stairs right when I shut the door. He asks me if I wanted to help him move our old stove downstairs.

Now for a bit of backstory, the oven on our stove broke way back in Janurary, and my apartment place finally got a new one about a month ago, but me and the roomie had to move it up a day later when it arrived and got it installed the following day. Ever since our old piece o’ shit stove/oven has been sitting outside the apartment.

Now, I have a good 45 minutes before the test, but I didn’t want to strain myself with a big damn stove… but I was already there and figured “what the hell.”

So I get on one end and then he says “On the count of three, we’re gonna toss this mother fucker over the rail.”

I said in shock for about two seconds… “Wha? Dude… we’re on the THIRD FLOOR!”

He just nods his head and grins; “yeaaah. we aaareee.”

So I look down to the ground; there’s no cars or people moving about… so we hefted that piece of shit on the rail…



We’re laughing like jackasses about the whole ordeal and most of the 200 block poke their heads out to see what the clatter was all about.

I, however, felt great about the rest of the day. I got to help toss a big-ass motherfucker stove off from a third-story apartment and watch it crash.

It’s just one of those things in life. I had a fuggin’ awesome day the rest of the day. This makes me want to go up to the mountain and start throwing more kitchen appliances off of a cliff.

Anybody got a refridgerator?

I have a warlock you could toss. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =)

Getting him into a tossing position will take some work but my goblin army will soften him to a pulp first.

Damn, that’s a good way to start of a day. Throwing heavy objects off of the third floor of a building sounds fun. You got your lifting, your weight training, your craziness, and your laughing all in one package.

How’d the test go?