A serious crab day announcement

While I definitely am an advocate of Crab Day, let me make some things clear before it becomes a problem…

Do NOT hijack or derail any threads with crap concerning crabs. As CH said, It isn’t in the true spirit of Crab Day to do so. Keep Crab Day stuff in Crab Day threads. This isn’t an invite to just raise hell on the boards.

Also, no making (relatively) pointless threads. See Rirse’s thread for a perfect example…of what NOT to do.

That being said, feel free to say something about crabs in this thread if you really want to. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your cooperation, and happy crab day.

When is Lobster day? was it in August?

I think it’s in mid-June.

If you can’t think of a good crab day thread, just work on the existing ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

And lobsters are an abomination to Crablor, patron saint of Crab Day.

Actually, crabs are so dirty that if you have one in a tank of lobsters, they all start dying. :-p

Y’know what eats crabs. Dolphins.

Y’Know what eats dolphins? Me. Bring them up again, and I’m getting out the nets. They shouldnt steal my fucking crabs. THEY ARE MINE AND MINE ALONE TO DESTROY.

I’m afraid this crab thread isn’t crabby enough. Please excuse me as I hijack it. :stuck_out_tongue:


excuse me while I let SG deck you in the pod.

So, IRL I’m known for having a pleasantly cantankerous personality at times. I discovered one day a while back that the designer Paul Frank (you know, the Julius the Monkey guy) also had another mascot known as Steve the Crab.

I was all about this, especially since there was a t-shirt made with Steve on it with the word “Crabby” underneath. I SO wanted that shirt to wear on my moody days to brighten my outlook just a little. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to make it any longer. =(

There, that was my crab post.

I hate crabsouce. That is all.

What the hell is Crab Day? O_o


Other fine examples include many threads and posts by Charle and Hades.

Gosh, I remember losing posts for making senseless posts. Maybe they should! They might even lose the ability to poke fun at ops!