A rocket scientist.


This guy is just brilliant.

He deserves an award.

I’m have two things that came to my mind:

One, the guy’s drug dealer and probably a user so he should rot in hell.

Two, this proves that drugs totally alter your perceptions of reality.

I’m happy there’s one less loser on the streets. Only an uncountable number to go.

Give this guy a prize or something,he defenitly deserves it.

giant sweatdrop

Um. Yeah.

Glad I don’t know that guy. >.>;;;;;;;;;;;

Man, sounds like some people i know.

Whoa. That’s… amazing. One more reason not to do drugs.

Wow. This guy must be the next einstein.

And this, people, is why I will never do drugs. I’m stupid enough as is.

*makes another tick on her “websites I’ll never be able to visit”- list

Don’t Do Drugs

Man, I wish I’d seen this before. The only way it could’ve been funnier is if they’d been in a marked police car.