A rare find for me...the original TRT design

Okay, I bet half of you don’t give a rat ass about TRT…but for me, this is a subsite I been working on for six years. Yeah, TRT is a lot older then you think, as it originated from Homestead, went to Geocities, then Spaceport, to Kiwibonga’s Server, and finally to RPGClassics where it remains today.

Anyway, I only previously had the backup of the Kiwibonga/Spaceport layout, which the background was dark blue with green thrown in (need to find the cd with those backups), but never the original design from Homestead. I checked Internet Archives two years ago, where I obtained a number of number of old files from Homestead (my site was long deleted when Homestead started to charge money for their sites) along with a few pages of dialog (but only the text) from the main page.

But after viewing Tenchimaru Draconis’ long lost website, I was inspired to recreate the original design of TRT using the backup files I got, which include my original heading image and the background. Using the text, I not only recreated the main page in it original glory, but even obtained the old font and color I used.

Anyway, here is my original site in a jpg file below. I couldn’t recreate it in html, since Homestead was a “upload the image and then drag it to the location” site builder, so I used Photoshop to arrange everything as it would been originally.


[edit] And yes, the dialog sucks, but I couldn’t bare to rewrite it.

that old layout was pretty decent.

Pretty cool Rirse.
They say things fade with age, but this as only gotten better over the years.

This thread isn’t taking off the ground, so I am asking a question to you viewer…do you still have your original website online? If TD still has his old one, so should you.


Um…when I ask if you still have your original site, I would like to see what it looks like. :smiley: throws Ramza down the Sarlac Pit

It looks kind of… web-siteish… A few links…

My first website was a cheap gimmik for summer money through advertizing. If www.insex.net is still taken as a domain, it’s still up, if not, it’s gone.
I’d rather not go back. There’re only so many times you can watch a bee pollenate a flower with porno music going in the background before it stops being funny, no-matter how much money it made you.
Although the sad fact that a website that advertized as hardcore porn and bestiality, but was really just poorly-shot videos of insects walking around or baby insects actually got a good number of hits was worth it.