A question, maybe a stupid one...

I’ ve read in the FAQ that the username one chooses is for life. Now, on some v-bullettin powered forums (where the fact that a username cannot be changed is still written in their FAQs) people are allowed to change name asking a mod or something like that. I’ ve browsed the forums a bit and I found no mention about this matter. My question is: what is the tradition here? Can you change username? If yes, how can it be done? If the answer is written somewhere and/or changing username is not possible, sorry for wasting your time. Thanks for your help.

Bug a mod.

Hmmm…good. You know, with the username I have it’ s hard to find an appropriate avatar. I was thinking that a more generic one would be better. But I’ m not going to change it immedately. Thank you Cid!

Adrimril Nogamo has done it twice, To Kamakaze Pilot, and now… Warsaw Pact.

I may ask for a change to Sharpetown… for 2k…

My handle was the same as my AIM name for my first year and a bit here. I had it changed beacause I think it looks more neat like this.

Yeah me too… first it was Sephiroth Hayes… now this.

UPDATE: I’ ve changed my name to “The Nameless One”. Just wanted you to know. Thanks, Zero. A thread could have been too much, so I’ m posting it here…