A question also.

When I write a page, and put it up on the database, will I need to write the code for the table down the side of the page? And the pic up the top left? etc. Or just link to a stylesheet, or summit of the like?


Nope. Just edit the body where it tells you to, the rest is auto.

Nice, thanks Cala!


You will have to make the table of contents in a text file, but only once. It will then be included automatically in each page.

When I downloaded the templates zip, a text document called “toc.txt” was in it already… is that just it?
Also, sorry, I just noticed that the HM GBC3 shrine hasn’t yet been ‘reserved’… I think it was meant to have been just now?


Yes, that’s the file.
A shrine won’t be reserved unless you e-mail the person in charge of the join page. Posting on a messageboard won’t do it.

I e-mailed Dalton Of Zeal, with all the required stuff, and he replied… a week or so ago now, and said that he’d post it…

Just wondering about the time, sorry. I’m probably just being impatient…


He might be busy right now and couldn’t do an update.

I’ll sign you up today, I promise. I’ve been neglecting work on the page for quite a while now due to various personal reasons, but today, I assure you that I’ll catch up on everything. I’m sorry for the delay, and I apologize deeply for the inconvenience I caused.

Nah, no, that’s cool.
I’ve started to do a fair bit of heavy research, playing through, and looking at everything that has an inkling of possibility… and I’ve also created a bit on my index, and various bits on pages.
Thank you for signing me up!