a pot calling a kettle black


Sony is complaining MS is copying them.

Sony have the cheek to say microsoft is copying them? sure Sony openly copied Nintendos revolutions controller thing by bringing out the duel shock tilt for PS3

Wow, since this is a dog-eat-dog world sony is gonna get bit in the ass for this.

Hirai didn’t stop there, laying into Microsoft’s decision to include an HD-DVD drive as an optional external device - rather than supporting a next-gen DVD format from the outset as Sony is doing with its Blu-Ray drive.

“You’re not going to be asking me, ‘So, talk to me about this Blu-ray add-on that you have. Does it work for games? Is it just for movies?’ That’s exactly the kind of pitfall you fall into if you launch something that’s too early, too premature…” Hirai claimed.

No, I’m going to be asking you why I’m paying an additional 200 dollars for functionality I don’t want and that might not even become the dominant format of the future.

Wait, that’s right. I’m NOT.

I really can’t think of any Xbox dealie that proves MS blatantly copied Sony. Is it the fact that both companies weren’t known for video games then randomly decided to join the market. It certainly can’t be over anything involving the 360 given its full year earlier launch date.

And I don’t think Sony had time to copy Nintendo given that it takes a pretty long time to develop a motion tracker specifically for your brand of hardware

This is stupid; this is just ridiculous.

One could say “omg you copied the nes for making a controller with Teh start buttan”, and could get away with it. Like shit, people; it’s a fucking game.

Except that Sony’s making us pay an extra $200 for something that isn’t a game.

It’s a game console with functionalities that could go the way of BETAMAX and with even more expensive games for it.

My wallet can only take so much abuse before going ‘Fuck you’ and it’s already giving the finger before the abuse even started.

right now every game is pretty much the same as the last…Tons of cutscenes…Your the sole survivor of an attack/wipeout/meteor/etc. and you have to save the town/city/world/universe/etc. can’t people make new games???