A Poem!

One of the assignments our language teacher is giving us is that we have to write something and submit it to a contest. So I came up with a short little poem. Tell me if you like it or what I should change.
Snow at night
I watch as the snow falls cascading down in an ethereal dance in the dark night sky
The first that land sacrifice their selves on the ground not yet cold enough to survive
After the sacrificial lambs come the foundations
They all fall on the ground and start collecting others turning the barren ground into small communities
Then the small colonies start merging, weaving the blanket that will shine foirth in all its glory the next day
This leaves me to wonder whichis more beautiful the celestial bodies of the night or the crystal blanket of the following day.

That’s weird. I liked it, but still…

Thanks! Teenage angst pays off again. :hahaha;