A Pirate Is YOU!

~Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free…

I don’t know if that was supposed to be funny or just plain awful, but one thing is clear.

The future does not bode well for Ninjas. 0_0

Is it horrible that I find myself humming this song ever now and then? XD Although that girl with pink hair is FREAKY.

We had pirates participating in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, too… we do indeed need more ninja!

Hey, I voted for those!

Fred Perry made his own version.

I don’t like their application process.
“If you like to sail the sea, you are a pirate.”
What? That’s- that’s it? Not every sailor is cut out to be a buccaneer, you know! They don’t just say “if you like horses, you are a knight!” No. They have standards.
Fucking pirates.

I heard that one long ago.
And then I got the soundtrack for Lazytown, just because. ^^
I’m also thinking about watching some of that show just because that damn hair is famous all over 4Chan. <_<

Thanks Yar. I’ve been looking for that one.

Remember when Ninjas were Teen, Green, and Mutants with … an attitude?

Now they’re, uh, adolescents, wear orange along with a shiny piece of metal on their forehead while being really loud?

Outside One Piece, I really can’t recall any pirate animations for the last few years.

Mabatsekker, there was that one pirate show about da people that sailed the sea, trying to avoid da Black Water. I think it was called “The Pirates of Black Water” or somethin’ wierd like that. Not to sure because I haven’t seen it in awhile.

Well, the turtles ARE still around… Kinda.
The new cartoon was way better than the old until somewhere around the 6th or 7th season, with the exception of a few specific episodes, but none of the cartoons ever got even close to comics. :confused:

You’re thinking about The Pirates of Dark Water, which is over ten years old. Maybe even fifteen years, so it wasn’t exactly made in “the last few years”.

Well, you guys forget about those characters that could be called ACTUAL NINJAS!!! A.K.A., Psylocke, Nightcrawler(to an extent), TMNT and various other people I can’t remember right now. They are da true ninjas!! Not some retarded, loud-as-hell kid that uses an attack that makes me automatically think of DBZ!

Oh Gooood… don’t remind me about that horrible, horrible dub they did of Pirates of Dark Water to Swedish. Since we’re rabid about lip-sync they had the prince shout “Släpp mig nu!” in the first ep, where he shouts “Let me go!” in the original. This phrase doesn’t sound natural in the slightest, it translates to “Let me go now!”, and any normal person would skip the “now” altogether not to sound like a moron.

Man that had to be rough. It’s too bad that it died in the third season it was a good show for the most part (All except that monkey parrot which looked like a fruity Gollum with wings. That thing was #1 on my list of god awful sidekicks right until I watched Phantom Menace).

If I remember correctly it first aired in 91 or 92 and lasted about three years so no it’s not recent.

Originally Posted by Mabatsekker
Outside One Piece, I really can’t recall any pirate animations for the last few years.

I can.

I can do you one better.

Okay, you little pink-haired bitch. Just because I like sailing the goddamn sea, I’m a fucking pirate? Fuck off, little stereotypical Sakura-impersonating WHOREBITCH! Fuck off with your little pink whore pants!


Yarharfeedledee you are a pirate. What happened to the fucking Marine Corps and Navy. God damn shows these days, what ever happened to the good seasons of Pokemon, Power Rangers, and The Muppets? I mean really, this shit is poisoning todays youth.

One of my bands has a pirate song based on THAT pirate song:


Ah, the days of my youth… Just like the scent of fresh lemon, you see…

According to my foggy, unreliable recollections, Pirates of the dark water was fun. Now, can anyone exlain to me why Silverhawks never reached the popularity of Thundercats?

P.S. SG, nice tune that Low Carb High Love.

That is excellent.

I kinda liked it too. Except for the aforementioned dub.

…Hmmm… I have to see if I can find it somewhere. (Undubbed. :P)