A New Yu-gi-Oh series?!

Reading an anime mag, I came across an article talking about how Yu-Gi-Oh ends after season 7, but that there were two different spin off series. Is this true? I heard one was called Yu-Gi-Oh Generation Next. Has anyone else heard about this?

Yeah,I already saw some of it,basically this series follows the adventures of Yuki(what an original name :fungah: )throught what looks like a camp for duelist in an island.

The good thing of this series is that the rules they us are basically the same we have,and that the main character is not invencible in duels.

Hell no, and frankly I dont think they need another series…damn that show sucked.I got stuck watching it with minor cousins of mine and I frankly have NEVER seen a show with that pitiful of a story line.This is just another plan to get kids to dominate the planet runs away!

The whole point of Yugioh was hard core adult content. But we never got any of that. NOt even the japanese show has adult content

What a bunch of bullshit

Dude what kind of adult content are you talking about I have never seen anyone do the nasty on that show, not like Samuri Shamploo at any rate.

Exactly. It doesn’t have adult content, but it was supposed to

And The Batman was a merciless killer on his original comics incarnation (who even used GUNS!) before he was perfected into the Legend he is today. Just because the original version of a character was more hardcore doesn’t mean it’s better.

Many people -including me- like the show, and not just for the card game (which does get stressed too much, granted.) In fact, Yugioh is one of my favorite Animes ever. I feel it’s got some pretty original ideas, some very likeable characters and some great characterization.

Seto Kaiba was sexually abused by his adoptive father when a child, something that is mentioned in the first forty-something chapters of the anime that were never dubbed, but that doesn’t mean the entire series should for any reason contain heaps adult content after the producers decided to tone it down. And it doesn’t suck for not including hot steamy gay sex in a show overall targeted to children.

Just so you know, this happens quite often with several other shows. Originally, Digimon 02 and 03 were meant to be a lot more mature, but they ran out of money and decided to redirect the thing elsewhere. For example, if you get your hands on a reliable fansub of “Dagomon’s Call”, the Deep Ones were trying to rape Hikari.

Lets just leave it at Yugioh sucks and will continue to suck no matter what form it is in.

I wanna see Dagomon’s Call

Adult conent?With playing cards?How can that make sense?

“You have been defeated in a card battle.Lets have an orgy to celebrate!”

It’s a chapter in 02. Dunno how it’s called in your version, it’s the one where Hikari is dragged into the Dark Ocean.

I never checked, but I’m absolutely sure there has to be at least five thousand fanfics with that theme.

I liked Yugioh at the begining. Up until the end of the Malik Saga. After that it got tired.

I just saw Dagomon’s Call uncesored. All that happened was the Dagomon grabbed hikari and said they want to make babies with her. Then they ran away.

Is there an episode with real sex in it?

…you were expecting sex? On Digimon? You want to see kids of 8 to 12 years old have sex? Don’t talk to me again. Ever.

Kaiser, um…I think your expecting a bit too much from an anime series targeted to little kids. I mean…geez.

I was at least expecting her clothes to be ripped off

Just because anime has cursing in it doesn’t mean it has nudity and extreme violence. If you want rape and bad things go watch a hentai or something. Don’t polute a thread with your stupidity.

You sir have very high (sickly) expectations

You misunderstand. By ‘adult content’ they mean stuff like actually including the the word ‘die’ and ‘kill’ and occassional sexual references. There was never anything worse than that and whatshisnames childhood abuse. If you thought there was going to be worse you’ve been misled.