a more poetic attempt

This time I followed one of my more… successful poetry styles. If you’re clever enough, you’ll find a hidden message somewhere in the poem. It’s not too hard, but if you know what you’re looking for, you can find it. It’s written vertically down the left side… oh my how clever -_-

“never enough”

flowing forth like a mountain spring
refreshing every inch of my body
inside I feel a glowing warmth
enveloping my heart like a warm blanket
nothing can quite replace this feeling
despite every attempt to do so
something is always missing…

all over again, I feel this warmth
reminding me of what I’m lucky to have
even in the face of death I am lucky
for this one thing that is always there
overshadowing any despair I can experience

remember, I cherish what we have this
eternal bond that can never be broken

virulence doesn’t weaken us
even if it seems so over time
reconstruction makes us stronger


I cant help but notice, all your poems have somthing in common. They all shove the fact that I have no girlfriend, or any friends in my face!

neat though

Thank you, for the latter comment anyway. As for the former… well, you’d hate to read about 90% of my other work _

Pretty cool. Weird way to hide a message, whenever I try doing something like that, it always comes out terrible, but yours was pretty good.

Thanks, I’ve had plenty of practice doing that. For a while I even had set rhyming patterns for combinations of lines and followed a particular meter. It gets far more difficult having to put a kind of steady beat to the poetry and make it rhyme… but it’s possible.

Just so long as you don’t use the word “month” anyway, that word cannot be rhymed:mwahaha:

That, and orange (unless you really feel like using “door hinge”).