A medical question

I know this sounds morbid, but can you really “come back to life” after “dying”? I always thought these terms were used way too loosely and that it technically isn’t possible to die and then suddenly become alive again for whatever reason, but I don’t really know anything about this stuff.

So what’s the deal here? I was told by a woman that her mother was pronounced dead in medical reports or something and that she “came back to life”. I was quite skeptical. Anyone wanna get scientific on me?

Ask Orak.

This isn’t a trip down memory lane, Shinobi!

Damn son

Ask Shin, though I think the answer will be a qualified “no.”

I’ve heard, as I’m sure others have, that during open heart surgery the heart is, of necessity, stopped, and I think I remember seeing video of one performed in Russia, where the patient was literally frozen to death, the surgery was performed, and she was resuscitated.

But is that the same as dying and then living again…?

Probably not, which is why I predict Sin’s answer will be a “qualified ‘no.’”

That’s what I thought too…damnit Sin, where are you in these critical times?!

It depends on what you consider “dead”.

IANAD, but the body is just a machine. With the right tools, you can keep the machine running for as long as you want.

But would the spirit of the person still be inside? Would they be conscious? That depends on your definition.

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Yes, a qualified “no” is probably where this is heading… whether you want to call it death or reanimation or whatever road you’re choosing at this point…
One’s perspective is going to be influenced by how one looks at death and what it means.

… and DAMN Shin, I was thisclose to saying the same thing.

Be honest now eva, who did you kill?

Yup, but after a few minutes without air the brain is going to be permeananeantly damaged.

sputter why, I’ll have you know that I’m an honest, law-abiding citizen and I would never stop a life in its tracks!

in the very least, she would not admit to it.

It depends on what you consider dead. Many people have ODed on drugs, which could technically be dead… and ocasionally they have come back, usually not much more than a few minutes. I’m not an expert though!

“Irreversibility is often cited as a key feature of death. By definition, a dead organism cannot be brought back to life; if it were to be, that would indicate that it had never been dead.”

Excerpt from <a href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death”>Wikipedia: Death</a>

No you can’t come back to life after dying. You’re considered clinically dead under certain conditions but there have been rare cases of people coming back, like people preserved in very cold temperatures. These cases are very rare and are the results of very specific combinations of events where the person actually didn’t die but had low vital signs.

Good luck finding a tool to lengthen trillions of telomeres.

Dead for like 5 minutes, then awake again. Damn Orak and his comas.

Don’t forget zombies.