A little lesson on sanitary food handling

This happened just recently.

I have a cousin who works at the local grocery store (at the cashier counter). On one fateful day, someone bought a steak that wasn’t packaged properly, and know what happens when you don’t package steak? Yep, it leaks. So the guy put the steak on the conveyor belt, and the juice from the steak (and the bacteria with it) ran all through the conveyor belt. My cousin probably would have noticed the smell, only he had a stuffy nose (perfect timing, eh? >.>).

Now, some people buy one or two pieces of fruit and don’t bother to put them in a bag, which is fairly stupid for this upcoming reason. So obviously, when people put their fruit on the conveyor belt, it got the bacteria from that same steak juice on it. Before long, people were getting sick just by eating food they had put on the conveyor belt. Eventually, the store manager found out what was going on when he smelled the very rancid odor coming from my cousin’s conveyor belt and because people who had called in to complain because of sickness had all gone through my cousin’s cashier counter, and it was cleaned. I didn’t see this myself, but I got a whiff of the said conveyor belt and it was enough proof for me.

So yeah, just remember: PUT FRUIT IN BAGS. 8P That, and make sure any meat products you buy ARE properly packaged.

Good message.

How come the people with the fruit didnt smell the meat?

It WAS a supermarket, so peple probably assumed they were bringing in food or something.

I always get all worried when my mom buys this certain type of meat. It is wrapped in plastic and I always think that the condensation is the meat leaking.

I simply assume that everything everywhere but my own room is dirty. Works wonders. Except that my room propbably contains more bacterias than Bio-Lab.

Add to that, those people didn’t wash their fruits before eating them. Even if there were no contact with the bacteria from the meat, eating fruits raw without cleaning them is risky.

You can be healthy and clean your fruit with a brillo pad in raw bleach, but it’ll still have pesticides in it that’ll cause cancer and kill you later. You can choose not to be healthy and eat junk food that’ll clog your arteries and make you die of a heart attack. You can eat a nice well-cooked steak, but it’s loaded with steroids, and there’s a minute chance that it’s infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy that’ll make your brain disintegrate slowly.
You can drink fresh tap water, but it probably has mercury and lead in it and will ultimately drive you to insanity and turn your brain to mush. You can drink bottled water, but the plastic leeches free radicals that’ll cause cancer and kill you later.

So there really is no way to win. Just wash your damn fruit before you eat it.

You should worry about other perishable before fruits/veges.

Meats are the real worry, in particular chicken.

God, since when did people not put their fruit in bags?

You could try peeling the fruit.

It’s no good if you don’t wash first. If you don’t wash, the microbes on the shell of the fruit will fall on the exposed rest of it while you are peeling.

Come on, it’s just a little water. Why are there so many people in the world afraid of getting their hands a little wet?

Because they think it’ll never happen to them.