A little late to the party

I got Tales of Symphonia a couple of days ago and I’m amazed by how good it is. It is definitely one of the better RPGs released in a while. The characters are fun to listen watch; the graphics are good; the music could use some work and isn’t as good as other games in the series, but is still nice. Damn I’ve been missing out. This came out before I went to my training and I skipped it, boy did I miss out.

not to mention plot twists galore!

It’d have everything I desire of a good RPG if it werent for those infernal gamecube controllers. Also, while I LOVE fighting games, the battles were too much in the Smashbros. Melee style of gameplay for me. I play fighters all day long and when the sun goes down I like to snuggle up to a relaxing RPG to take my mind from the troubles of the real world. Problem is, the battles in Tales require more than just sitting there and taking your time… You have to be aware of what is going on… Hence my only REAL argument about the game. While the battle style is fun at first, I get bored with it’s overly excited theme and find my self taking a break from it more than I am playing it.

Stop talking about it until they release in in Europe!

Man, I hate not having new Tales games. :frowning:

Eventually it kinda gets annoying, because 1) there’s so many plot twists, and 2) the characters feel the need to explain every plot twist that comes up to you, even though it’s obvious what happened a lot of the time, so the little recaps they give you get boring pretty quick.

(Note: that spoiler doesn’t mention any details of the plot or anything, it just says something about it in general, and it’s not really spoiling any more than what I quoted)

Also, I love Sheena. And Celsius.

Ditto. Paper is a very proficient weapon

After all, paper does beat rock.

Especially Lloyd’s Paper Fan weapon. That thing just tears enemies apart. I’m kind of surprised how easily accessible it is and how early you can get it, considering it’s ridiculously strong.

If you want you could just put everybody on auto and control by telling people what to do with Y if you wanted to play it like a more traditional RPG.
For the Sheena thing did you notice that she holds her cards in her bra, you can see a little dark spot there during some scenes with a close up of her.