A leave of absense.

I’m gonna take a couple of weeks off away from here. I’ll check aroudn for details about the summer party, but I’m gonna take a break. Certain threads have gotten my blood pressure up, my personal life is confusing (like I said, that girl is driving me crazy, hopefully I can resolve it by the end of the summer). It’ll probably only be for 2 or 3 weeks though. If a mod could ban me for that time, that’d be great. It help kill any temptation to raise my blood pressure again. See you guys in 2 or 3 weeks. Chou!

It’s CIAO you son of a bitch… ciao…

anyway, have fun, see you later, effendi.

It might actualy just be all those pork rines you eat that raise your blood pressure.

See you later

Ok, have a good R&R.

Take it easy.

Oh phooey. Now I wont be compelled to dream about you anymore :kissy:

Seeya 'round, dude. Be well.

Sure you won’t miss a lot?

I bet you won’t.

See you again soon!

Don’t kill anyone.