A Jorb Well Done

This is me, reporting live from the Q106 radio station, where I’ve got a job as board operator! This means that I make sure nothing blows up, and I’m in charge of stuff for when someone wants to do live stuff! More as this develops … and stuff! Yeah.

Well, w00t for you, Mr. Kramer.

Er…just out of curiosity, how frequent a happening is things blowing up? o.o;

Nice jorb. But, didn’t you get this a while back, or was that something else?

Wow. I sure wonder if you can do voices. Because, if you start DOING live stuff…

…I’ll be alive on the radio! YAAAY.

And so will we. Resistance would be futile.

That’s cool. I’d love to be in radio, both my parents were. My dad had the most popular segment in the south east in the 70s. It sounds like a cool life.

I didn’t say I’d JUST got it, I said I’m THERE. But, uh, no, Maba, I’m not doing any voices. Nor am I likely to in the foreseeable future. Anyways, I’m almost three-forths done with my time, and so far I’ve only made one mistake, although there’s been some technical problems at the other end (i.e. the people who’re doing live stuff).


I get to write and draw bullshit as my job. My job rules.

Wow good jorb. Perhaps you could persuade the people at the radio station to play better music.

Hahahaha, yeah nice one Gila… Good music on the radio… What were you thinking?

Anyway, nice job I guess. Congrats!

Hey, don’t knock the oldies. Bohemian Rhapsody is pretty good.

Dude- the 70s isn’t oldies. That’s classic rock. When you get to the fifties- THAT’S oldies.