A good DS emulator

I’m looking for a good DS emulator to play DS roms on.
Could someone help me?

I don’t mean to necropost… however, I see nobody answered.

A good NDS emulator is NO$GBA. However the link function isn’t supported (I don’t think it’s supported for any NDS emulator presently).

Also, I should note that I think it’s illegal to emulate games if you don’t have an original copy of it. I don’t see how that makes sense, but it’s what I heard.

Technically speaking, emulating ANY game is illegal, whether you have a physical copy or not, because you aren’t asking for permission from the copyright holders. It’s just that companies like Nintendo haven’t bothered to do much about it (so far) because it would cost them a lot of money and would gain them the ill will of many players. Same deal as with music downloading. The “you must have a copy” thing is just an excuse the download sites give to feel better about themselves.

Yeah I guess you’re right! That never did make sense to me… but in the end, emulation doesn’t (and will never) come close to the real thing! (especially hand-held consoles!)