A Glitch in Final Fantasy 4...

I don’t know if I am supposed to put this in this section, but it seems like it, anyway.

The glitch is, every time I start up FF4, there is a weird pixel-tall screen-wide seperation in the dialogue box. It is kind of annoying, and I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem. I am playing on the newest Zsnes with a 64-bit Vista, if there’s any difference. And don’t say it’s all Vista’s fault, because I have played so many “non-vista” games just by tweaking a few controls. Anyway, if any of you could help, it’d be greatly appreciated.


What resolution settings is your PC and ZSNES set to? Windowed, scaled or fullscreen?

Windowed or fullscreen doesn’t change anything, neither does 2xsai or any of those. Curiously, Snes9x works just fine, but the music quality sucks. My Computer resolution is 1280 by 800.