A gentlemen's duel

Ruffians use swords, true gentlemen use…what?

Cheese pilot!

True gentlemen use… banjos to duel.

Nothing beats a dueling banjo, except maybe a pistol, fired from the grassy knoll of course.

I second what Heaven’s Soldier said.

Hmph. I knew someone like that. Y’know, someone who fights with honor. He’s dead now.

Hahahahaha, oh man, that was the greatest.


5/5 :smiley:

That…was the coolest thing EVAR.

Ha! That was clever, funny and some other third thing.

Graceful maybe? I love that little dude.


I don’t have sound on my computer. But this is STILL hilarious. Good show.

And a Jurassic Park Parody ftw.

Also funny.

10/10 :wink: