A Frightened Boy


A good number of you have probobly seen this (and for those who havn’t, be warned, it’s REALLY fscking weird.)

I was just wondering…does anyone know what that song that the crab-things are singing is?

That sucked… alot!

Cool song though.

TECHNO!!:moogle: :moogle:

That was strangly stupid.

GG, I would have expected something better from you.

Congratulations, that wins fucked-up award #1 :ah-ha!: :mwahaha:

Song is “Polushka Pole”, a traditional Russian song IIRC.

…Tried to find lyrics, but failed, they should be out there somewhere.

was there a point to that movie?

Originally posted by IonMage
was there a point to that movie?

Don’t sniff marker pens and work with Flash at the same time? :thud:

The flash might have sucked, but the music owned :stuck_out_tongue: Therefore, I have no quams about letting it repete in the background for the next 3 days :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen it before yeah… it confused me then, and continues to.

Remove the flash and the techno and all is good.

Music was awesome. The video still confuses me though…

Ion, Gilga & Kairi: the boy lived on the land where bad things happened, and his life was one full of fear. One day the dancing & singin’ crabs came and sang and danced. Along came Britney and some techno guys. He dared not to look at the spectacle… And somehow that was the smartest thing to do, for the troupe did something really bad to his friends.

Why is it so hard for people to understand?