A fresh start....

It feels weird seeing the boards so empty, all the writings lost and things like the pic posting thread in the Tob or the Free Roleplaying forum stuff gone for good.

I feel for the people who have lost their fics (like poor Starstorm, i hope he can find someone with a backup of his stuff), but i think we should not let this incident get us down, we have a chance to revaluate our works and improve ourselves.

If everything has been lost on the main site and the stories are gone for good then we should not despair, in each of our written works there is a piece of ourselves forged within, a part of our creativness that shows itself in our words, it matters not if they were recorded as long as they remain part of us.

If we have lost the Gather Round thread (and no backup was kept) then we have chance to start that again with more people and more experienced writers, no matter what we lost now we have a chance to make better on what we can create.

I personally am gonna take this chance to go over my oldest and longest work (The FF1 fic, Into the Heart of the Story) and re-write it at my current skill (rather than the awful way it was when i started on it a year ago), i also have backups of Ties Of Blood which gives me a chance to look over missed oppurtunities with that.

I felt i needed to make this post to somewhat placate those people who have lost some (or all of) their work, the problems with the site have happened whether we like it or not and how we deal with it is what matters, i hope like me you can all see this as a new beginning rather than a bitter end.

Thus ends my first post, hope it wasnt too pretentious.

Well, if they can somehow save the fanfiction section, I should be able to get my Origign Story back o par… but the really sad part was that Wil’s Saga Frontier story, which he was just about to get around to writing again, was deleted! And I so wanted to read it! :frowning:

Well said, Scott! It really needed to be said right now, I know we all feel sad.
No, I’m sorry but I don’t have the collab fic, nor Star’s Metroid story. I’m really, really sorry. >_<
Zero has a backup of the forums from December though, maybe he could pick out at least what we had then.

Your origin story is backuped with the rest of the fanfic archive, Val, I have it all right here so no worries. And as for Wil’s story… one moment.

Originally posted by Weiila
And as for Wil’s story… one moment.

Don’t bother, you only had what he had first posted there, before ZRed even got into the Bar. Nothing was saved, because it wasn’t there in the first place.

Oh well :confused: I’ll post what I have, at least.

Well, this sucks. But, on the plus side, at least I can refresh my FFVII fic and fix any mistakes I hadn’t fixed before.

Okay, shameless plug:


It’s an online comic I write (and color). It’s Batman, I know, but hey, it’s a fic, right? :smiley: I figure since there aren’t really any fics here, this could pass the time for you guys. >grins< Anywho, great to see RPGClassics is back up! >does a happy dance<

::walks in completely confused:: Wah? Everything was lost? That sucks. And the colab? Dang it! I wanted to see how it panned out!

Well, in all honesty, I lost track of everything in the old one since it was so gosh darn long with all these crossovers. I think we should have another one, or two : one where crossovers are encouraged and another one where it’ll stay with that one set game. I think it’ll be less confusing.

Alas, alas.