A Fire in Southern California


If you haven’t heard already, there’s a huge wildfire in Southern California that’s near where my grandparents live. It was spreading towards my grandparents home, and my grandparents were forced to evacuate.

This has been the biggest fire in Californis in 10 years.

I hope this isn’t old.

There are several fires all over Southern California and they’ve been going on for about a week. One is on Pendleton (happened durng a training exercise, it is north of my area). I heard that a new one started to today at Miramar when a jet took off.

Its not that old. If you wanna see some more pics, I know www.expectnothing.com has some. I think its .com.

Is it really the worst in 10 years? We’ve had some bad ones lately.

Governor Gray Davis had said they were.

NASA pic of fires:


I was talking to my boss at work, and apparently his ex-wife’s home burned down, and his daughter and her bf had to evacuate from the bf’s parent’s house… which also ended up burning, along with the bf’s grandparent’s house. :\ (and this is in San Diego, where I heard the fire isn’t as bad) UC San Diego was closed… I don’t know if it’s just for today, or if it’s for an extended period of time. I’m a little worried since my friend goes there and she’s carless…

They’re estimating that 24 people died so far, and 1000 homes burned…

Yeah, it seems these fires right now are pretty serious. A lot of news reports about canceled flights and such going to and from LA.

The only good news I have herd about it so far is that the wind has died down a bit.

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[b]NASA pic of fires:

http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=11799 [/b]


I find this whole bit of news saddening. When I heard about it (last night), 13 people died from either being trapped or having heart attacks due to the fact of their homes burning. My heart goes out to those who are suffering from this fire.

Last I heard on Good Morning America, the fires have destroyed over 1,000 homes…I feel so sorry for those people.

However, I remember my international business instructor saying that this sort of thing occurs because L.A./Calfornia is desert and we turned it into a city.

This is why rain is a good thing. Only pyromaniacal people hates the rain and loves the sun.

Best of luck to everyone in the area.

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Governor Gray Davis had said they were.

News flash: Ah-nold is governor

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[b]NASA pic of fires:

http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/natural_hazards_v2.php3?img_id=11799 [/b]

::dekar!:: HOLY SHIT!!!

EDIT: I seriously hope everyone in the area is OK. Arson is no laughing matter.

Yeah. I find it funny how the governor managed to find time to appear at a bodybuilding contest in Las Vegas while this is happening.

I can look to the west and see the smoke from these fires filling up the sky there, even though it’s around 100 miles away. While the area I live in cannot be affected by the fire, due to the environmental conditions, a good deal of the people here commute to San Diego or LA during the weekends.

The interstate between here and there has been closed, supposively overtaken by the fire, so several of the people at my school have been locked in San Diego, as have several fellow teachers at the local elementary school and many business people. The local Internet was down for about 24 hours, due to the main connection between here and San Diego being severed, until the connection could be rerouted. It’s an eerie feeling to feel the indirect results of the fire, but not be affected by the fire itself.

As for San Diego itself, from what I’ve heard, all Government facilities have been shut down until further notice, and the businesses of San Diego have received a strong advisory to remain closed so that the roads can remain clear for safety personnel. However, for the most part, San Diego has been untouched. The areas that have taken the biggest brunt of the fire are many miles east of the Metropolitan area of San Diego. As many people enjoy the mountainous region, they build summerhouses there, these are the houses most likely talked of being burnt in the fires.

SOE has been forced to shut down their PlanetSide customer support due to the proximity of the fires to the buildings.

I’ve also heard that even some of the fire departments over here in Arizona have gone to help put that fire out…

This is easily one of the largest fires I can remember…

I took some awsome pics of it. It was about 2 miles away from me. I’ll post em later, if anyone wants.

Charl! you’re alive! woohoo! post post!

I find this fire to be semi-ironic. It’s going to put us at least $2 billion deeper in the hole, and we are getting the gubinator in like in a week or something. Also the whole triple car tax is the only thing that is keeping it from hitting ever harder, something that the gubinator is going to push to repeal as soon as he comes in to office.

On a side note, is calling Arnold the gubinator just a local thing in my area or is it througout California?

The ten thousand years of darkness have begun