A Final Fantasy IV Fanfic That is Not Yet Titled

I only have the prologue ready to post. This will be a second generation story, and before anyone says anything, any mispellings on “normal” names is intentionial. I also know that part of the prologue is stating the obvious. I’m also a fan of Irish names, if you can’t tell.


<P>It has been aproxamately eighteen years since Cecil, Rosa, Edge, Rydia, and Kain defeated Zeromus.

<P>Cecil and Rosa are married and are the King and Queen of Baron. They have a son named Joshua (nicknamed Josh) who is sixteen. They also have three daughters named Amelia (nicknamed Mia, or Amia by her older brother), who is fourteen; Cidny (no nickname, it would be too confusing), who is eleven; and Ryanna (nicknamed Ry, or sometimes Ry Bread by her older brother), who is ten.

<P>Kain is still a bachelor, despite all attempts by Rosa in Match Making Mode rectify that situation. However, he has adopted a son named Cameron (call him Cam and he’ll punch you in the nose), who is Prince Josh’s age.

<P>Edge and Rydia are married and are the King and Queen of Eblan and have had four children (a daughter and three sons). However they sent Sarah (thier daughter and eldest child) away so that she could have some semblance of a normal childhood, but after four months she dissappeared. Their sons Liam, Sean, and Bran, are fifteen year-old triplets, and are in different kingdoms to learn how to how to not throw things at eachother.

<P>Yang and his wife are the King and Queen of Fabul and have a nine year old daughter and son, Sorcha and Iubdan.

<P>Cid is still the Chief Airship Mechanic of Baron, and his daughter is still trying to get him to take it easy.

<P>Edward has nearly gotten over his lost love, Anna, and is curently engaged to a young lady from Troia.

<P>Palom has finally matured to the point that he is not a complete embarassment for Porom to be around, and he is engagedto a woman with a remarkably similar personality.

<P>Porom is also engaged. She and her fiancè are hoping that her brother and his fiancèe will never have children.

<P>With the exception of the the dissapearance of Princess Sarah, things have never been better.

I know that the last statement is in the list of “Things That Should Never Be Said, Thought, or Infered” but it leads up to the first chapter.

heeee I hope that ain’t the fic. Coz those notes are priceless. I wonder what you’re going to cook up…

You really do have funny comments :hahaha; It’s looking to be interesting, one little tip though. Try to work around those paranthesises if you can, they kind of disturb the flow in the text.

Nice setup…now work on the follow-through. :hahaha;

So far it’s bringing back some of the best memories I’ve had with one of my best friends, I love it.